Synthesizing scientific and humanistic concerns and methods, anthropology studies humanity in all its cultural, biological, linguistic, and historical diversity.

  • Understanding contemporary world problems
  • Ethnic, race, religious, class, and gender relations
  • Environmental and cultural resources management
  • International relations
  • Understanding contemporary human biology
  • Marketing
  • Public health and wellness, global health
  • Social sciences, research, observing, writing


Life After Lawrence

Lawrentians can enjoy careers in...

Anthropology, archaeology, museum education, secondary and higher education, management/business, marketing, arts/media, research, medicine, community and global health, social work, law, development

Recent employers include...

CNN, Sitka National Historic Park, Epic, Center for American Archaeology, The Art Institute of Chicago, Southern Food and Beverage Museum, Americorps, Peace Corps, University of Notre Dame, University of Wyoming

Lawrentians can earn advanced degrees in...

City/urban planning, public and global health, global policy studies, law, divinity, forensic science, museum studies, social work, sociology

Recent schools include...

University of Chicago, Emory, U of Illinois, NYU, Washington, Yale, DePaul, Marquette, George Washington University

The Chandler Senior Experience

Anthropology majors reflect upon and synthesize what they've learned by designing a research-focused project presented to the anthropology faculty and student majors during a formal symposium at the end of Winter Term.

Recent Senior Experiences include:


Reels, Apps, YouTube: Changing Performance Practices of Irish Session Music

Understanding Female Coalitions Among Chimpanzees: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach

Educating Gypsy Children: Cultural Survival in the United Kingdom

Appalachian Snake Handlers and the Fight for Religious Freedom

A Critical Approach to Health Discourse in the Ecuadorian Amazon


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