Basic Information
Proposed Watson Project
A brief summary of proposed project, including countries to be visited.
Please list your equipment needs and indicate if your total equipment purchases are likely to exceed $1,000.

At this point, we don't need any actual letters – but we would like to know who your references might be. If you can briefly describe your relationship to each person, that would also be helpful. At least one of your references must be a member of the faculty at Lawrence.

Previous foreign travel and living outside the U.S.

Although prior experience with foreign travel is not a prerequisite for the Watson, information about your prior experiences may be useful as we we consider your application. Please list countries or ares lived in or visited, including the date, duration, and reasons for travel:

Competency in languages other than English
Please list the extracurricular activities — including clubs, sports, volunteer work, and jobs that have most occupied your time since you began college. Also indicate about how many hours your spend per week or per month on each activity.
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