Servant Leadership and CBLR at Lawrence

Servant leadership is leadership that focuses on meeting the highest-priority needs of others rather than on the accumulation and exercise of power by the leader. Though servant leaders have existed throughout human history, it was with the publication in 1970 of Robert K. Greenleaf's The Servant as Leader, that servant leadership became an influential and explicit theory of leadership. 

At Lawrence, the Office of Community-Based Learning and Research (CBLR) is directed by the Pieper Family Professor of Servant Leadership, creating a structural link between CBLR and servant leadership.  Our approach to community-based learning and research reflects this link.  When planning and implementing CBLR, we seek to enact a caring approach toward the communities that we learn from and with, and in doing so to meet some of the high-priority needs of others.  We also have a distinctive Servant Leader Fellows program that promotes the integration of CBLR with the principles of servant leadership through a year-long mentorship and project implementation.  And in the course UNIC 170: Leadership and Service, students with prior experience in community service consider ways in which they can use their passion for service to grow as effective leaders. 

For more about servant leadership, visit the Robert K Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.

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