Student Testimonials


My community based learning has primarily been in the form of a research project in collaboration with the Appleton Department of Public Health. This has given me an opportunity to understand how difficult it is to enact public health initiatives. Encouraging healthy behaviors must come always be multi-faceted approach, involving schools, workplaces, the medical community, the academic community and more. These realizations would not have been possible in the classroom.
-Abby Schubach ‘15

My experiences with the Office of Community-Based Learning and Research have been some of the most influential experiences towards my growth as an effective leader as well as my commitment to civic engagement. Through initiatives to enact a community-based research project, I have been able to expand my understanding of effective collaborative work and the tools that are necessary in enacting sustainable change. This office has granted me opportunities to explore modes of learning that are not always achievable within the bounds of traditional education and has inspired me to think creatively about continuing my education both in and outside of the classroom.
-Abby LaBrant ‘16

Learning from the community has been one of the most integral part of my growth as a Lawrence student. I have learned a lot of great things in the classroom, but off-campus is where I have realized how all that learning changes the way I relate to the world. Whether through volunteering or researching in the Appleton community, I have been able to figure out what I can actually do in the world, and have started to figure out how I can put everything I’ve learned on campus into practice in the “real world” once I graduate.

- Heather Jost ‘14

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