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Launched in June 2010, Lawrence’s LU-R1 program partners qualified Lawrence students who are majoring in the natural sciences with Lawrence alumni who are conducting research at leading R1 universities across the country. LU-R1 takes undergraduate research to the next level, providing significant opportunities usually reserved for graduate students at major universities, clinical research settings and government agencies. A secondary goal of the program is to provide research experiences that enhance students’ Senior Experience capstone projects.

Freshman Studies

Few colleges have a first-year requirement like Freshman Studies. From 11:10 to 12:20 each Monday, Wednesday and Friday of your first two terms, you and your classmates (in classrooms of 14 to 15) will explore about a dozen compelling works from a common reading list, which changes every year. Your guides will be faculty from all across the university (e.g., you might have a philosopher first term and a geologist second term) who will show you that you don’t have to be an expert in a particular subject to understand and draw value from it. Freshman Studies will challenge you to become a strong college writer, confident debater and critical questioner.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Lawrence started in fall 2008, with the first offering of In Pursuit of Innovation. Since then, several other courses and course modules have been developed by faculty in Economics, Physics, Studio Art, the Conservatory of Music, Government and Theatre Arts. Over 250 students from a wide variety of majors have benefitted from the program directly.

I&E courses help students:

  • Identify and pursue personal passions
  • Take liberal education to the realm of action
  • Combine knowledge from different disciplines to solve problems
  • Practice rhetoric: cogently formulate and persuasively deliver ideas
  • Collaborate in teams

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