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Global Diversity General Education Requirement

Participation in programs listed with a (G) designation below will automatically fulfill the Global Diversity general education requirement.  Students participating in a program that does not have a (G) designation below can use the regular petition process to have a particular course taken in their program to fulfill the Global Diversity requirement.  Students who wish to have their off-campus programs work applied toward general education requirements in a particular way should petition the Faculty Subcommittee on Administration with support from the relevant academic department before participation in the program.

London Centre

United Kingdom -

Tags: Film Studies Anthropology Art History Studio Art Economics Education English Government History International Studies Religious Studies Music Ethnic Studies Theatre Arts Global Studies

The Lawrence London Centre was established in 1970 to introduce Lawrence students to the rich social, cultural, and political history of the British people through a program of classroom study supplemented by field trips, museum visits, guest lectures and performances, cultural opportunities, and travel. While continuing to play this important role in a Lawrence liberal arts education, the London Centre also seeks to utilize its setting in a cosmopolitan world city as a rich text wherein Lawrence students can engage the significant political, economic, cultural, and intellectual challenges of the 21st century. London is known to the world as a cosmopolitan center of artistic, financial, and academic activity which makes it a great location for a variety of academic and cultural explorations. <br> London Centre courses cover a range of areas including theatre, music history, anthropology, history, government, and art history. Course offerings vary each term. All students take part in a 2-unit core course called British Life and Culture. London Centre courses do not have prerequisites and are open to all London Centre participants. Many courses can be used to fulfill general education requirements. Internships are available to through an additional selection process. Music students are able to arrange 3-unit S/U music lessons for credit.

No prerequisites are listed for this program.

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Important Details

Duration and Application Information:
Offering Duration: Term
Offering Note: Students may pursue study for either one or two terms.
Application deadline in April

Direct admission is not available for this program.

Language(s) of Coursework:
Primary: English

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