London Centre Anniversary Scholarship

This application is for the London Centre Anniversary Scholarship.  Please review the scholarship's main page for eligibility and other information.  The application deadline for 2016-17 London Centre Anniversary Scholarships is May 9, 2016 and must be submitted by 5pm on the deadline.  Late applications will not be considered.

Personal Info
Provide a brief statement addressing your need for funding and how this funding will assist you in accomplishing your goals for study abroad. Please write and edit this in a Word document and copy it here when it is ready to be submitted. This statement should be roughly one word processing page in length.

Read and accept the follow-up service requirement statement below *

I have read and understand the requirement to complete a follow-up project if I receive this funding. I understand that, if selected, not completing the follow-up service requirement will result in this funding being revoked from my student account. I understand that, if selected, I will be responsible for contacting the Off-Campus Programs office regarding how I intend to fulfill the follow-up requirement and for submitting required documentation.  Information about the follow-up requirement is available on the Follow-Up Service Project Requirement page.

Read and accept the financial aid statement below *

By checking this box and submitting this application form, I understand that the Office of Financial Aid will access my financial aid eligibility information and the costs my off-campus study program and that this information will be used in the application review process.

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