Students participating in Lawrence-sponsored or Lawrence-affiliated off-campus programs are able to utilize some of their financial aid package toward their off-campus program. Lawrence merit-based aid does not apply toward off-campus study. We strongly encourage all students considering an off-campus program to meet with the Financial Aid office to discuss how studying off-campus may impact their financial aid award and status. In most cases, Stafford, Perkins, PLUS, and private alternative loans will be applied to off-campus study. If you have not received aid in the past, you may still be eligible for financial aid to help with your off-campus study expenses and you should consult the financial aid office and consider completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if you are eligible for aid. There are also additional scholarships to support Lawrence students who study off-campus.

Helen Barr Rudin Study Abroad Grant

Helen Barr Rudin ’32 was one of Lawrence’s first students to study abroad when she participated in a study program in France. This experience deeply impacted her and shaped her strong belief in the value of education abroad. This fund was established through a planned gift upon Rudin’s death in 2007. Grants of approximately $2,000 are given annually to students attending Lawrence-affiliated or sponsored international term, semester, or academic year programs. This grant is awarded through the Off-Campus Programs office by an application and selection process held during Spring Term. More information is available here.

Schwartzburg Fund for Study Abroad

John (Andy) Schwartzburg '64 benefited from participating in a study abroad program in Germany during his time at Lawrence.  Fluent in German, he served as a German teacher for many years at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.  Through a bequest, Andy wished to establish a fund at Lawrence that would help humanities students study abroad as a part of their undergraduate experience.  This fund was established in 2016 and is administered by the Off-Campus Programs office. Grants of $2,000 will be given annually to students attending Lawrence-affiliated or -sponsored international off-campus study programs that are a term, semester, or academic year in length.  More information is available here.

Bruce Maitland Brown Fund for Study Abroad

The Bruce Maitland Brown Fund for Study Abroad was established in 2017 to create greater accessibility to long-term study abroad opportunities for students who otherwise would not have considered the possibility of international travel and immersion.  Grants of $2,500 will be given annually to students attending Lawrence-affiliated or -sponsored international study programs that are a term, semester, or academic year in length.  Applicants should have demonstrated financial need and have not previously studied abroad.  Priority will be given to applicants who are first generation college students.

Bruce Maitland Brown ’69 has served in various administrative and philanthropic positions throughout his career.  Bruce has stayed actively involved with Lawrence as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1993-1997, a member of the Lawrence University Alumni Association Board of Directors, and in numerous additional volunteer and leadership positions.  He remains deeply connected to Lawrence and established this fund to enable study abroad participation to aid in individual students’ growth as they actively engage with social, cultural and educational practices different than their own.  More information is available here.

Donald Manson Study Abroad Fund

The Donald Manson Study Abroad Fund was established in 2017 in his memory by his wife Carolyn Manson. Donald Manson ’62 was deeply impacted by Lawrence faculty who inspired him in his commitment to his passions of teaching and government.  In particular, his education professor George Walters had a lasting impact in his life.  The Donald Manson Study Abroad Fund assists student with demonstrated financial need from diverse populations to study abroad.  Preference shall be given to education and government students, as Mr. Manson devoted his life to teaching and public service. 

Grants of $1,000 to $2,000 will be given annually to students attending Lawrence-affiliated or -sponsored international study programs that are a term, semester, or academic year in length.  Applicants should be from a diverse background and have demonstrated financial need.  Preference will be given to applicants studying Government or Education.  More information is available here.

Beth Arveson Scholarship

This fund was established by a bequest from Beth Arveson and augmented by gifts in her memory after her death in December of 1993. Miss Arveson graduated from Lawrence in 1940 and for the next 40 years taught history in Wisconsin, England, and Lebanon. An avid traveler, she established this named scholarship to assist a junior woman to study abroad for a term, semester, or academic year. This fund is awarded via a selection process through the Off-Campus Programs office through this application.

London Centre Anniversary Scholarship

The London Centre Anniversary Scholarship was established in 2012 in recognition of the powerful and transformative experiences of the London Centre and as a tribute to the program's fortieth anniversary. The fund assists Lawrence students participating in the London Centre program.  A common impediment for students interested in the London Centre is that of cost; the London Centre Anniversary Scholarship will enable future students to live and learn in this great world city.  Scholarships of up to $1,000 will be awarded to students attending Lawrence's London Centre program.  Information about the scholarship and application process is available here.

Paul Family London Centre Scholarship

Alexander F. Paul and Mia T. Paul established this endowed scholarship in 1997 to supplement the need-based assistance for students studying at the London Centre. The scholarships are designed specifically to encourage and support students who might not otherwise be able to attend the London Centre. Alex ’97, and Mia ’95, along with their sisters, Alyssa ’93, and Bliss ’91, studied at the London Centre during their tenure as students at Lawrence. In establishing this fund, Alex and Mia affirm the value of their experiences studying in London as an important element of their liberal arts education.

Eligibility requirements include confirmed participation in the program, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and demonstrated financial need in excess of gift aid. In accordance with the donors’ wishes for an objective selection process, recipients are chosen in a random lottery. Therefore, there is not an application process for this scholarship.  In 2017-18, four students received this award in the amount of $935.

Dwight A. & Marjorie S. Peterson Fund for International Experience

The Peterson Fund for International Experience was established in 2012 by Dwight and Marjorie Peterson.  Through this fund, the couple intends to provide Lawrence students with opportunities for research, travel, and experiential learning outside of the United States.  Dwight felt that his work, involving a wide range of foreign travel for a global company, provided him with education that rivaled that of his formal training years, leading the Petersons to believe that international experience is a necessity for a well-rounded education.  Dwight was a 1955 graduate of Lawrence and Marjorie a 1955 graduate of the University of Minnesota. 

Lawrence students with a Minnesota background are eligible to receive awards from The Peterson Fund.  The fund is intended to be flexible, allowing for a wide range of academic and artistic endeavors, research, and travel abroad and can be used for travel, books, supplies, and other needs.  Students participating in study abroad programs are eligible for this funding.  This fund is awarded via a selection process through the Off-Campus Programs office through this application.

Professor Gervais E. Reed Award for Off-Campus Study in Francophone Countries

This fund was established in memory of Professor Gervais E. Reed with gifts from family members and friends upon his passing in June 2007. Professor Reed taught in the French department for 32 years. The fund recognizes Lawrence students who excel in French and Francophone Studies and supports participation in off-campus programs in Francophone countries. Awards for students attending LU off-campus programs in France (Paris or Nantes) are $1000 and $500 for the Francophone Seminar in Senegal or the Québec Seminar and Internship program. This is awarded via a selection process through the French and Francophone Studies department.

Dorrit F. Friedlander Scholarship

Colleagues and students of German Professor Dorrit F. Friedlander established the Friedlander Scholarship in 1993 in honor of Friedlander’s retirement. The fund recognizes Professor Friedlander’s 42 years of distinguished teaching prior to her retirement as well as the active role she continues to play in the German department. This scholarship assists students who will be studying abroad in Germany and is awarded via a selection process through the German department.

Ronald J. and Carol I. Mason Excellence in Anthropology Fund - Off-Campus Study Award

Generations of Lawrence anthropology majors and minors have graduated from Lawrence and gone on to pursue interesting, meaningful, and anthropology-informed careers thanks to the fine teaching, mentorship and research opportunities provided by Professors Ron and Carol Mason.  The Ronald J. and Carol I. Mason Excellence in Anthropology Fund seeks to continue that legacy by providing funding for current students to pursue research or training opportunities in Anthropology that take place off-campus.  Anthropology majors with verified financial need who will be participating in a program with significant anthropological content are able to apply for this fund.  This is awarded via a selection process through the Anthropology department.  Further information can be found here

The Bertrand A. Goldgar London Fellowship

The English department oversees a fellowship for Lawrence students to conduct research in London: the Bertrand A. Goldgar London Fellowship of Lawrence University.  Established by family, friends, and former students of Professor Goldgar, this fellowship is awarded on a competitive basis to a current student, preferably an English major or minor, who will use the funds to pursue independent research in London.  Given Professor Goldgar’s highly successful scholarly career, his regular research trips to London, and his devotion to undergraduate learning, this fellowship is a fitting tribute to his life and work.

Applicants must be in good academic standing with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and must propose a research project that they will conduct in London and complete prior to June of their senior year.  In most cases students will conduct their research in London for one term or for a summer or winter break.  Students may pursue their research in conjunction with enrollment in the Lawrence University London Centre or as part of an independent trip to London.  The exact amount awarded will depend on the duration, scope, and location of the research project.  This fellowship is awarded through the English department and questions should be directed to the chair of the department.

Lawrence-determined Scholarship Funds for ISA Program Participation

ISA sets aside funds for scholarships specifically for Lawrence students participating in Lawrence-approved ISA programs and Lawrence determines recipients for these ISA awards.  These scholarships are typically $1,000.  By completing the Off-Campus Programs Office scholarship application, you will be considered for this scholarship whose recipients are named by Lawrence.  Financial need will be a main determining factor the in selection process. You are encouraged to also apply to ISA directly for their scholarships that are open to students from all intuitions. 

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