Meet the Off-Campus Programs Office Staff!

Laura Zuege

Director of Off-Campus Programs

As Director of Off-Campus Programs at Lawrence, Laura is here to work with students as they consider their options for studying off-campus.  Laura was a first-generation college student and studying abroad was not something she knew was an option for her when she started college.  She participated in the Lawrence London Centre as a junior and living and learning in London for a term opened her eyes to varied perspectives and backgrounds.  She graduated from Lawrence with majors in Government and Environmental Policy.  She has worked for Lawrence in various roles as the London Centre Programme Manager for three years and in the Off-Campus Programs office for a decade.  While in London, she completed an Extramural Certificate program in Criminology from Birkbeck College in the University of London system. Laura holds a Masters of Science in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from UW-La Crosse.

The best way to make an appointment with Laura is to submit this form with your availability to meet during business hours. 

Ashley Trump

Off-Campus Programs Assistant

Ashley Ashley grew up hosting international students with her family. This led her to becoming an international student in high school for one year in Kapellen, Belgium, as well as two semesters as a student at Arcadia University in Stirling, Scotland and Guayaquil, Ecuador. She also participated in two short-term programs in Singapore and Guatemala. She obtained her Bachelor of the Arts in International Studies with minors in History and Spanish from Arcadia University and her TESOL certification from the American TESOL Institute which led her to teaching English in Thailand, Japan and New York. Ashley enjoys conversation about all things international, will happily share stories about her pets and is grateful to help students with their international experiences in any way she can as the Off-Campus Programs Assistant!



Amanda Thomas '19

Outreach Student Assistant 
Biology (major)/ Philosophy (minor)

AmandaThomas"Living three months in the life of the Malagasy was never easy, but it proved incredibly rewarding to speak the language, eat the food, learn the culture, and explore the land as they do every day.  Nobody can teach you these things as well as you can teach yourself, through doing rather than listening, reading, or writing."

-Participated in SUNY Stonybrook Madagascar Semester, Fall 2017



Annie Harincar '19

Outreach Student Assistant
English/Spanish (double major)

Annie H"My time in Salamanca, cliché as it sounds, really nurtured my independence, self-confidence, and my Spanish language skills. I suppose these things are cliché for a reason. In a semester, I forged lifelong bonds with classmates, professors, and my host family. More than the food or the music or even the language, those relationships are what changed me the most, and what I'll carry with me forever."

-Participated in IES Salamanca, Spain, Spring 2018


Laura Duggan '19

Outreach Student Assistant
Violin Performance (major)

Laura Duggan"While in Milan, I was finally able to see with my own eyes what I had only read about in my music and art history classes. Actually watching operas at La Scala and seeing Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper was an unforgettable learning experience."

-Participated in IES Milan, Music: Tradition and Innovation, Spring 2018






Molly Doruska '19

Senegal Student Assistant
French/ Economics (double major)

Molly Doruska in Dakar, Senegal"Growing up I took dance lessons. While in Dakar, I was able to take dance and djembe classes at the Baobab Center. The dance was very challenging because it was unlike any style that I learned growing up, but it was so cool to connect a childhood love of mine to my abroad experience. Towards the end of the program we had a performance for our host families where we got to share what we had learned in class. After I got home, my host family had me perform for them multiple times. It was so much fun to dance again, and I loved seeing the joy that my dancing brought to my host family."

-Participated in Lawrence Francophone Seminar in Dakar, Senegal, Spring 2017




Nicole Witmer '19

London Centre Student Assistant
English (major)/History (minor)

Nicole W

"While studying in London, the most significant part of my experience was living and growing on my own. I got to travel and explore the city on my own as well as navigate (unsuccessfully) the art of cooking. Nobody can teach you to adult, and adulting in another country was amazing. Though I did grow and mature personally, my inner nerd was obsessed with every Harry Potter filming location across the country."

-Participated in Lawrence London Centre, Spring 2018