Past London Centre participants have been asked to share their memories and feelings about the LULC experience. Here are some of their responses.

“I have never fallen in love with a place like I did with London. One day as I was exploring, I just stopped dead in my tracks and realized I never wanted to leave. The old Samuel Johnson adage is true: When a man (or woman, in my case) is tired of London, he is tired of life.” 
Julia Steiner ’12
in London Spring 2011

"It is not until you look back that it becomes clear how much you've grown. Throughout the term you do things that you've never done before, but you don't notice the change until well after the experience has happened. It happens slowly, but learning to live and thrive somewhere new, independently, is perhaps the greatest achievement."

Alex Foley '16

In London spring term 2015

"The London Center provides Lawrence Students the opportunity to engage in Lawrence's amazing academic classes in a new and enriching setting. It also allows students to discover new and exciting things about themselves, the world and many topics through the lens of London. My term in London changed my life.”
Nathan Eckstein ’14
in London Fall 2012

“Being at the London Centre taught me that I can tackle a new, giant, fast-paced city if I want to - something I didn't think was possible.”
Brianna Schmidt, ‘14
in London Spring 2013

"I think the benefit, strength, and uniqueness of my participation in the London Centre is being able to exist in the same space that my literary idols did. I've read, analyzed, and admired much of their work, but in America, am limited to experiencing their genius on paper alone. Being in London has given me the opportunity to breathe and walk in the world that they did."
Marie Jeruc, ‘15
in London Spring 2013

"I now know more about myself, my country, and other countries through the experience of this program. I have confidence in living on my own, traveling alone, and interacting with others of a different culture.  Participating in the London Centre has been invaluable to my education, and an experience that I would not trade for the world!"
Kelly Goss, '09
in London Fall 2006

“This is the first time I have ever been out of the US. Many of the aspects of international travel were new to me. I absorbed so much "newness" while here, and yet I will leave with so much left unexplored. This program made me realize the beauty and wonderment of being a world traveler.”
Christopher Fuelling ‘16
In London Spring 2014

“You can read all you want about different cultures, famous artists, politics, history, and theatre.... At the London Centre every teacher uses London as their classroom so you can actually experience what you're learning.”  
Jarrad Bittner ’10
in London Fall 2010

“I feel a little like Dorothy from "The Wiz." I have so much going on with me back home that I just didn't understand and it has taken my trip abroad to allow me to see myself, my family and friends, and a whole lot of other things and just learn about them. Just like Dorothy I have not learned everything, but I have seen so much that I am ready to go home and face the challenges and things yet to come with the new insight that I have gained from my experience abroad.”
Shallion Dixon 14
in London Fall 2013

“The London Centre allowed me to explore interests that were completely outside my majors.  My time in London has inspired me to try new things and be a more adventurous person." 
Lauren Thompson ’13
in London Fall 2010

“The London Centre doesn't confront you with a language barrier and the anxiety that may come with that, but you are in a very different culture and gain a real perspective on America and what it means to be an American. Being in London can open your eyes to the world and the incredible and immense reality of it.”
Nikko Benson ’11
in London Fall 2009

“Doing this program made me grow into myself. I now feel more confident because this has been the first time that I have lived on my own, provided for myself, organized trips by myself, and lived as an adult.” 
Sophie Kofman ’14
in London Winter 2012

“One thing that made my experience unique was connecting to local people. It was neat to experience things that I shared in common with people from a completely different country.  Attending local churches also helped me to form close relationships with Londoners and to learn about their lives, their experiences in London, and to hear about the world from a different perspective.”
Rachelle Huffman ‘15
in London Fall 2013

"The program gave us opportunities to fully experience life in England. From productions of Shakespearean works, to a day trip in the countryside, to historic cathedrals, to trips to art galleries, and traveling advice, we were given the chance to take in as much of London as we could. The location of the centre is perfect - within walking distance of museums, parks, and markets, and just blocks from a tube stop which link us to all of London."
Maddie Machon, '07
in London Spring 2006

“Since going to London I now have a much stronger belief in myself that no matter where I am in life, either physically or emotionally, I can reach out and successfully meet the challenges utilizing the resources available.”
Caitlin Zuehlke ‘15
in London Winter 2014

You have the ability to go out and explore London, and England in general, whenever you want.  Sometimes the most fun comes from getting lost in this huge city.  It truly is a life changing experience."
Jacob Vosper, '07
in London Spring 2006

"This experience and immersion into the London lifestyle is something that everyone should experience and the London Centre provides a means to accomplish this."
Pete Stafford, '09
in London Spring 2007

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