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For over 45 years, Lawrence students have studied abroad with our London Centre program which has provided life-changing experiences. Participants engage the resources of London through experiential courses for a term, learn from the city, and continue making progress toward their Lawrence degree program(s).  The London Centre continues to be Lawrence's most popular off-campus study program. 

A February 2012 video in the This is Lawrence series gives us a snapshot of the program. 

London Centre Anniversary Scholarship

The London Centre Anniversary Scholarship was established in 2012 in recognition of the powerful and transformative experiences of the London Centre and as a tribute to the program's fortieth anniversary. The fund assists Lawrence students participating in the London Centre program.  A common impediment for students interested in the London Centre is that of cost; the London Centre Anniversary Scholarship will enable future students to live and learn in this great world city.  Scholarships of up to $1,000 will be awarded to students attending Lawrence's London Centre program.

Information about the scholarship and application process is available here.

The scholarship's application deadline for students participating in 2017-18 programs will be in May 2017.


Applications to participate in the London Centre program in 2017-18, are due April 5, 2017.

London Centre Vloggers

Each term we have student vloggers at the London Centre show us a bit about their term living and learning in London.  Check out a selection of their video blogs.

10 Tips from 10 weeks in London:
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A glimpse into Kate's internship:
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Jessica takes us to the British Museum:
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British Life and Culture field trip to a proper football match:
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