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2017-2018 Course Catalog

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Biomedical Ethics

The minor in biomedical ethics is designed to coordinate a student’s background and interests in biomedical ethics, health care public policy, and the biological sciences with a variety of more specialized approaches to the study and application of relevant principles, insights, and understandings gleaned from those backgrounds and interests. This minor has been designed to appeal to Lawrence students planning further work in medicine, nursing, genetic counseling, public health, and other areas of study in or related to health care as well as students wishing to undertake graduate work in applied ethics.

Required for the minor in biomedical ethics

  1. Completion of the following core courses:
    1. BIET 120/PHIL 120: Applied Ethics: Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
    2. BIOL 130: Integrative Biology: Cells to Organisms, BIOL 103: Biotechnology and Society, or ANTH 140: Biological Anthropology
    3. BIET 290/ECON 290: The Economics of Medical Care or BIET 495/GOV 495: Health Policy
    4. PSYC 245: Health Psychology or ANTH 342: Medical Anthropology
    5. BIET 370/PHIL 370: Advanced Studies in Bioethics, BIET 380/PHIL 380: Ethics of Technology or an approved independent study project on some aspect of biomedical ethics or health policy.
  2. Two additional 6-unit courses from the list below, or other relevant courses with approval of the program chair. Independent study projects must be approved by the advisory committee. Possible contexts for projects include a Mielke, Kasel, or Hughes internship, a tutorial, an independent study course, or a health care-related project in conjunction with an off-campus program.

Courses that fulfill requirement number two

  • ANTH 340: Human Biology, Evolution, and Health
  • ANTH 342: Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 377: Culture and Aging
  • BIOL 260: Genetics
  • BIOL 354: Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 465: Advanced Biotechnology
  • BIOL 453: Developmental Biology
  • ECON 271: Public Sector Economics
  • ECON 290: The Economics of Medical Care
  • ECON 400: Industrial Organization
  • ECON 440: Public Expenditure
  • GEOL 213: Geology and Health
  • GOVT 380: Introduction to Public Policy
  • GOVT 465: Environmental Politics
  • GOVT 495: Health Policy
  • PHIL 320: Ethics
  • PHIL 350: Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 360: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 370: Advanced Studies in Bioethics
  • PHIL 380: Ethics of Technology
  • PHIL 430: Philosophy of Law
  • PSYC 245: Health Psychology
  • PSYC 250: Psychopathology

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