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December Term

December Term

December Term (D-Term) is an optional two-week session of academic enrichment during the break between fall and winter terms.

In the first two weeks of December, Lawrence offers brief, intensive courses that can be taken for 3 units of credit toward a Lawrence degree. These are enrichment courses that are not offered during the academic year and are not required of any student. On-campus courses include workshops, fieldwork, or travel to sites or activities within a day’s drive of Lawrence. Travel courses take students to locations around the world for hands-on learning in an immersive setting. All offer focused, experiential learning in a small class of interested students led by a Lawrence faculty member.

D-Term courses have separate tuition plus room and board if the course is on campus. On-campus courses may also charge a small course fee for travel or supplies. Travel courses charge a program fee for lodging, meals, museums/tours, and insurance; students are responsible for their own airfare to the course location. Tuition is significantly discounted to make D-Term courses affordable, so no additional financial aid is available.

D-Term courses are listed in the course schedule with a DECM prefix, and registration is through the Voyager system in the late spring or early fall. Students may register for one D-Term course. Any course that does not have five students will be canceled, and students will be given the opportunity to enroll in another course. Registration for D-Term courses closes at fall midterm reading period.

Academic performance in December Term will not change a student’s academic standing, though the December term course grade will be included in a student’s grade point average, which could affect academic standing in subsequent terms.  December Term does not count as a term of residency in meeting degree requirements.

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