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2014-2015 Course Catalog


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Education Studies

The minor in education studies provides students in the college and conservatory with the opportunity to pursue focused inquiry into the philosophical, cultural, and social foundations of education; the historical and present-day relationship between school and society; the part formal education plays in human development; and/or contemporary issues of education policy and practice. The minor will help prepare students for graduate study or work in education-related fields.

Required for the education studies minor

  1. Three foundational courses:
    • EDST 180: Psychology of Learning
    • EDST 350: Ethnicity, Cultural Diversity and Education
    • EDST 440: Sociology of Education
  2. One of the following courses:
    • EDST 309: Hollywood Goes to High School
    • EDST 345: Distributed Cognition
    • EDST 400: The Environment, Community and Education
    • EDST 450: Topics in Education Studies (can be repeated as topics vary)
    • EDST 545: Gesture Studies
    • PSYC 260/265: Developmental Psychology
    • PSYC 460: Adolescent Psychology
    • Both of the following with approval from an Education Department faculty member:
      • One additional course in education studies or in another department as preparation for the academic internship or independent study below
      • An academic internship (EDST 395/595) or independent study (EDST 399/599) appropriate to the student’s interest in education studies

Possible settings for internships include but are not limited to: public, private, or charter schools; school district offices; museum or arts organizations; other non-profit or community organizations; social services agencies; governmental bodies; policy or advocacy groups; and other approved sites. Students seeking teacher certification may also complete the Education Studies minor, but student teaching may not be used to fulfill the internship or independent study requirement, nor may the internship substitute for the classroom practicum hours required prior to student teaching.