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Visiting campus is awesome!

Our campus is such a beautiful place!

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Main Hall on a sunny afternoon

Lawrence is such an interesting place!

There's so much to learn about Lawrence. Take a look at our history.

$50 of $1000 dollars (5 percent completed)
First-year students during annual class photo in front of Lawrence Memorial Chapel. The photo shoot is a Welcome Week tradition
Say "cheese!"

Our campus is beautiful!

Experience it for yourself!

Rabbit's Nose

Watch this video.

Awa's Purchases
Purchase Description Cost Budget Remaining
Honey Sticks 5 sticks of local honey $1 $19
Corn 2 ears of corn $1 $18
Musician Tip Support for a local musician $2 $16
Gourmet Soda 3 gourmet sodas of varying flavors $5.25 $10.75
Donuts 3 of the good stuff $3 $7.75
Potatoes 2 lbs of potatoes $3 $4.75
Cheese Curds A bag of Wisconsin squeaky cheese curds $4.75 $0