Incoming Student Health Form Information

All incoming students must fill out a Incoming Student Medical form. Athletes are required to ALSO include a physical exam. Forms should be submitted to Wellness Services by August 1.  *Missed Deadline: turn forms in as soon as they are complete to avoid a hold on your student registration. 

Incoming Student Medical Form

Physical Examination Form (Athletes only)

**Your medical forms will be checked off in Voyager beginning in June, 2021. Check student's Voyager account for any updates.  

CHECKLIST for Incoming Student Health Form.
Due by August 1st
  • Complete and submit via Leapfile secure email (link on right side of page):
    • Medical History form
    • Immunizations forms 
    • Physical are required for Athletes only
  • Be sure all forms are signed by student or parent of students under 18yo
  • Submit student health insurance information to Wellness Services using Leapfile secure email (link on right side of page) or buy student health insurance through Wellfleet Insurance link
  • Sign the Hepatitis B/Meningitis form acknowledging the increased risks of disease living on a college campus
  • Discuss and plan for any prescriptions needed during the academic year with your provider



If a vaccine is unavailable to you, you will be expected to get that vaccine at the Health Center upon arrival to campus. Contact Wellness Services for cost information, or other concerns.

Questions or Concerns     920-832-6574