CCE Give Pulse Tutorials

You don’t know what you’re missing! TAKE A TUTORIAL ON GIVE PULSE so you can communicate with your team, staff, house, or club.  Create a fake event, learn how to manage the details of the fake event, and then CANCEL the fake event! It’s super fun. THEN…take what you learned and use it for a REAL event!  

Reach out to us at to set up a time to learn about how GivePulse can help your organization.

Use the  GivePulse system to record your volunteer hours. Go to and sign in with your LU ID. Then click on the big green button that says 'Add Impact' and fill out the form.

Please consider the following reasons to record your volunteer hours:

1. It makes you look good. When you are interviewing for a job, writing your resume, or asking a professor to write you a recommendation for grad school, you can show others what great work you do.

2. It makes you feel good. It is very rewarding to be able to look back on the ways in which you have helped the community throughout your time at Lawrence.

3. It helps the CCE support volunteerism. Having a record of Lawrentians' service helps the CCE to obtain more funding to better support service activities.

4. It makes Lawrence look good. Having a record of Lawrentians' service also helps us demonstrate Lawrence's high level of commitment to service.