Service Shuttle (sponsored by the Committee on Community Service and Engagement or CCSE and supported by the Volunteer Center).

Effective January 1, 2018– Service Shuttle has a new policy and revised hours.  Please note that the policy has moved in a direction of supporting the many LUCC groups, but also applies to the general volunteering community at Lawrence. 

Most notable items of change:

  • Student Organizations wishing to secure a ride for volunteer services during the weekdays of Monday-Friday will now be securing their own vehicle and driver through Campus Life by contacting Charity Rasmussen.
  • Student Organizations requesting transportation Monday-Friday will need to find their own driver and indicate this information at the time of their request to Charity Rasmussen.
  • Student Organizations wanting a vehicle will need to visit the Campus Life office and ask for a trip & travel sheet.  They will need to have the completed trip & travel sheet returned to the Campus Life office 5 business days in advance of departure. They will also need to list the name of their authorized driver on the trip & travel form and have funds secured to cover the cost of the vehicle.






Volunteer Center Service Corps:  If you are a member of the Volunteer Center Service Corps, your requests for rides on Monday-Friday will be coordinated though the Director of Volunteer and Community Service Programs.

For All Users of the Service Shuttle (individual students and organizations)

  • The service shuttle will run during weeks 1-10 of any academic term. 
  • Please submit this service request form 7 days prior to the service trip.
  • Please make use of this form for Saturday and Sunday requests only. 
  • Seating on the shuttle is limited, but we will make every effort to accommodate your request. LU vans can fit 7 passengers, while the LU mini bus (if available) can fit 14 passengers. If your volunteer site is nearby, you may be asked to consider multiple trips.
  • Individuals or groups may request use of the Service Shuttle as long as the goal of the experience is to act in a volunteer capacity
  • The Service Shuttle has a 'local' range that allows for rides to and from the following cities:  Neenah, Menasha, Appleton, Kimberly, Kaukauna, Grand Chute & Little Chute. 
  • Questions can be directed to
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