Community Based Learning

Do you feel like you don't have enough time outside of class to volunteer? Are you interested in connecting with the Fox Valley community and learning about local issues at the same time? Then community-based learning classes are for you.

Community-based learning classes combine in-depth learning to the local community. Examples include courses that bring in local experts who share their expertise and extend your understanding of a particular local issue, involve completing a project requested by a community partner, or applies research to address a local need.

Benefits of Community Based Learning

For Students
  • Civic engagement offers different ways of learning and demonstrating knowledge
  • Gain direct experience with issues you learn about in class
  • Immediately apply what you learn to real word situations
For Faculty
  • Engage different learning styles
  • New research opportunities
  • Give students hands-on experience with issues taught in the curriculum
For the Community
  • Create and improve relationships with community organizations
  • Get students involved in the community they live in
  • Increase number of volunteers