Election Dates

It's time to elect your Senior Class Officers.

General elections will take place on Friday Sept 28th through 11:59pm on Sunday, Oct 1st.


The president coordinates the "big picture." She or he schedules and serves as chair of officer meetings. The president takes the lead on educational/informational programs planned by Senior Class Committee as well as acts as the liaison for senior class to administration.

Madeleine Leonowitz

Student smiles warmly at cameraWhy do you want to run for office?

I am interested in running for President of the Senior Class of 2018. I am an Economics and Music double major, which has allowed me to be heavily immersed in the college and in the Conservatory. During my time at Lawrence, I have focused almost entirely on my academic and musical careers, and I would love the opportunity to work closely with my fellow 2018 graduates to create a lasting impact on the school that has impacted me so greatly. Being able to engage with both the administration and other Lawrentians in order to create a fun, positive, and meaningful last year is something that is very important to me.

What makes you qualified for the position?

I believe I am qualified for the position of President since my strengths lie in my communication and time management skills, as well as my ability to see the “big picture” and end-goal. I can easily and fairly make decisions and divide responsibilities in a way that will ensure everyone is happy, all needs are being addressed, and goals will be met efficiently and in a timely manner. In addition to my strong written and verbal communication skills, I have worked for two years as a Residence Life Advisor with the Campus Life Office, and will be going into my third year in the Fall of 2017. This position has taught me how to communicate with others, handle sensitive information, and keep a clear and managed schedule. Furthermore, being an RLA has given me many opportunities to interact and engage with the Residence Hall Directors and the Deans of Campus Life, which will allow me to act as the perfect liaison between the graduating class and

What’s your favorite idea for next year?

For next year, I would love to do something that will celebrate the true diversity of every graduating Lawrentian. Although we all have this school and our graduating year in common, every 2018 graduating senior is unique and remarkable, and everyone will go on to achieve wonderful things. I think this project could celebrate where we have come from, where we are going, and all of the great things that we have accomplished in our four or five years at Lawrence. It is the uniqueness and and exceptionality of every Lawrentian that makes Lawrence what it is.



Vice President

The vice president oversees planning of an event calendar, with a focus on social/recreational programs.  He or she recruits the senior class committee and serves as its chair.

Malik Graham

Student smiles at camera in professional headshotWhy do you want to run for office?
I am running for Senior Class VP because I feel like with my creative thinking abilities, I can plan fun and interesting events for seniors. Also, with this being my last year at Lawrence, I would like to participate in a role outside of what I had done my previous three years.

What makes you qualified for the position?
As a retired CORE Leader and now a CORE supervisor, I know what it's like to plan events for others and lead a group of people. I feel like I can lean heavily on the skills that I learned from these positions to create great events this year!

What’s your favorite idea for next year?
A great idea I have for this year is to have an event called the Senior Games. Where all the seniors can come together and participate in activities like the freshman do for the CORE games, since it would be a nice bonding activity and would get us competitive.



Class Agent

The class agent oversees fund-raising efforts for your class gift. He or she recruits members for the senior class committee.  This person is also responsible, in conjunction with the development office, for training the committee members about solicitation. The class agent also serves as a member of the Viking Gift Committee.

Lauren McLester-Davis

Student smiles at camera in professional headshotWhy do you want to run for office?

I would like to run for office because I want to help leave the Class of 2018's lasting impression on the University and connect with the Lawrentians in my graduating class.

What makes you qualified for the position?

I have been involved in fundraising efforts for the majority of my life and hope to contribute my skills in this area to the Senior Class Committee.

What’s your favorite idea for next year?

                                                       I am very excited to be a part of the Senior Dinner in Spring Term!

Class Secretary

The class secretary has the very important job of keeping all of you informed of what is going on for the next five years. She or he sends letters with important reminders and dates during senior year, and keeps you in touch with your friends and what they are doing with "life after LU!" The secretary serves on the senior class committee.

Kin Le


Student smiles at camera in professional headshotWhy do you want to run for office?
During my time at Lawrence, I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that I’ve had here. Not only did I gain all the skills and invaluable experiences that prepared me for the real word, I also had chances to build lifelong friendships with other Lawrentians. Although senior year might be stressful as we are transitioning into the adulthood, it does not mean we cannot have fun! I would love to be a part of the team to make fun happen and to create a truly memorable senior year for our class.

What makes you qualified to be secretary?
In order to have a memorable year, communication plays such a fundamental role in everything that we do. As I understand the importance of this position, I am fortunate to have the skill set that makes communication most efficient between the class officers and members. I am an international student, who has actively involved with Lawrence International for four years. Moreover, as a dual degree student, I also involve in a lot of activities in the conservatory and off campus. I have been singing with Cantala and Concert Choir the last three years, and I previously held the Publicity Chair for Cantala. I also got a chance to work as an intern with newVoices – the Appleton’s community choir the last two years. My past experiences and involvements would make me a good candidate to present both international and conservatory students.

What’s you’re favorite idea for next year?
While I look forward to maintaining senior year traditions, I think it would be great if we could go apple picking in the fall, skiing in the winter, or hiking in the spring together! Although most of us know each other through classes and involvement in different organizations, I always feel like there are people in my class who I think I know, but I actually don’t know yet! These activities could be opportunities for us to know each other more before we part.