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Please read through the information provided by candidates and cast your ballot below by 1pm CST on Wednesday, August 12th.  You may only vote for ONE (1) candidate PER POSITION when you submit the ballot. All executive board committee members will chair various committees and there will be opportunity for general members to work on those committees and gain experiences as well.


Candidate Info

Alex Freeman

As a dedicated student, I have always strongly believed in the importance of education at all levels and learning for the sake of knowledge. I recognize that a thorough and effective education is a privilege which too many people never receive, and I have been incredibly fortunate to have the academic experiences which have defined my life thus far. To that end, I want to do my part in assisting the organizations which celebrate and promote academia. As an officer, I would bring leadership and organizational experience from my previous editorial and volunteer positions, and I promise to be flexible enough to adapt to the needs of Lambda Sigma.

Cindy Kaiser

I would like to be an executive officer because I want to use my skills to further help the members of the Lambda Sigma Honor Society, as well as the Appleton community.  Part of the Lambda Sigma Alpha Pi Chapter’s purpose is to “provide an opportunity…to serve the campus and the community, especially in aiding the transition of the freshman class.”  My first year as a Lawrentian would not have been as special without the sophomores, juniors, seniors, and fifth years who helped me adapt to college life.  These upperclassmen were always there for me, whether they were helping me to revise a paper or being there when I needed a friend.   I hope that as an officer, I can form similar connections between first-year students and upperclassmen.
I would help our chapter create a service project to help those in the Lawrence and Appleton community.  I have had previous experience serving the community and leading my peers as a music outreach leader.  I learned the importance of communicating, listening, and creating a supportive, safe environment that benefits all members.  I would use these skills to make this a fun, productive, and beneficial year for all active members of Lawrence’s Lambda Sigma Alpha Pi Chapter.

Casey Kollman

I would like to be an executive officer to help the society run smoothly. I am a very organized person and I enjoy working with others. I always keep track of things fairly well, therefore I thought Recording Secretary would be good for me; however I am also interested in Reporting Secretary and forming those relationships with the National Board. I am a usually busy person which is why I would enjoy a position on the board that is more supportive. However, please know I am dedicated and responsible, and will fully execute my duties.

Matvei Mozhaev

I like to be deeply involved in every community I am a part of, so I can address and incorporate my issues and ideas, as well as ensuring that everyone's voices are heard as well.

I want to be the Treasurer due to high amount of experience with tasks and responsibilities the position offers. I have been paying for the university completely on my own, without any financial assistance from relatives. I've been assisting in management of my family's finances between 2018 and 2019, being a 3rd of the total monthly income[~$500/mo]. Also, in Nov. 2017, I've spent 2 weeks in Moscow, Russia, only using my own earnings and living away from any relatives.

Also, I am applying for the President Position. I like the position not because it is a challenge, but because it is a unique, very community-serving experience. In terms of experience, I've been [2018-19] the president of my High School's Bands, with a lot of different duties. I am a CA for 2020-2021 year, I am the Founder of Lawrence Art Online [started June 2020], and I am a Co-Developer for, doing communication and advertisement. This is not to say I am an amazing candidate, but I have a lot of passion and curiosity for this position, and hopefully that will help me grow.

John Painter

Through my previous experience on service-driven boards, I have developed skills to engage and motivate others, resulting in the execution of some of the most meaningful projects in my life.   I am interested in being an executive officer because I like to focus on actions that can produce results, and as an officer, I would be better equipped to execute those actions.   When I work with groups, I find success by tapping into others’ strengths.  My group facilitation, presentation, and deliberation skills will be useful to our committee in identifying projects, developing plans and executing those plans using the strengths of the group.

Morgan Taylor

I am confident that I will communicate effectively through my writing and remain objective in heated discourse. I think it is important to have a cool head to keep discussions on track and converse successfully within any group. Having sorted constituent correspondence and answered constituent inquiries for Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) during an internship in 2017, I have accumulated experience in succinctly expressing the views and aims of others. I would like to do my part to make this college service experience easier for everyone involved by maintaining clear records and lines of communication.

Nicole Xie

I used to be the headmaster of my class and a member of the student union of my senior high, my job during that time was mostly arranging meetings weekly for the class committee and recording the time and activities, so I have abundant experience in recording the event. And I promise I will be fully responsible for my duty as an executive officer. Also, as an international student, I have a wish of getting more engaging with the different societies, activities and bringing our members something to enjoy without pressure at the same time.

Lambda Sigma Executive Board Elections

Please submit only one ballot for the Board Elections by 1pm CST on Wednesday, August 12th. If you have questions, please reach out to

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