Expectations of Mentors:
  •     Be available Sat, Sept 19 - or 26th, 2020 (TBA) to participate in a trip to Bay Beach Amusement park in Green Bay, WI We will depart Lawrence at 10:45 am and return at approximately 6 pm.  If you wish to meet us at Bay Beach, please plan to connect with us there at SHELTER 2 - at 11:45 am.  If you are able to travel with us, we encourage you to take advantage of the extra time with the sophomores. Your Lunch and snack will be provided.
  •     Be available Sat, Feb 6th, 2021 to participate in a trip to the museum campus in Chicago, IL from approximately 8 AM - 9 PM, travel time included from Lawrence University and may vary depending on geographic location of mentor. Lunch and Dinner provided.
  •     Throughout the two trips, mentors will mingle and chat with students at their own pace; ask questions of the students about where they are in their process of discovery of their own identity or community or purpose; and share their own insights from their experiences about how they cultivated their own identity, community, and purpose as students and into adulthood. Mentors will also participate in a reflection discussion using predetermined questions over a meal at each off-campus trip.
  •     Be open to providing continued connection throughout the academic year (possibly beyond) to any students from the program who wishes to reach out for further guidance, advice, questions, or connecting points throughout the entire year. This may mean a mentor and the student connect via phone, email, or in person based on availability and ability (i.e. geographical location).
  •     Review the resources provided below in order to have a general context of information in regards to participating with students in reflective discussion and supporting them appropriately in regards to the contexts of their identities.

Unsure about participating in intergenerational reflection? While you will not be "leading" the discussions, you might find Tips for Leading Discussion we also suggest Having Difficult Conversations

Feel comfortable navigating conversations about purpose, but unsure about difficult topics such as sexual misconduct? Learn more about Lawrence's policy and how to help support a student on the Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education page.

If identity and conversations around this topic are new for you, or you are unsure what it means to hold identities of privilege and power, please review some of the materials on our Diversity & Inclusion resource page.

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