A Year To Explore!

Exploring Identity, Community, & Purpose

For many students, their second year in college provides a lot of opportunities for self-reflection, decision-making, personal discernment...which can be stressful and scary. There's several resources and programs available to students in their sophomore year at Lawrence to help guide you through your own self-discovering of who you are, who your people are, and who you want to become.

Know that while you have many folks on campus who can be a resource - your academic advisor, faculty members, your CA and RHD, multiple administrative staff across campus - you also have me, the Dean of the Sophomore Class. I specialize in supporting you through this year of exploration. If you're ever unsure where to turn for anything, you can reach out at my info below.

Please check back often for updates on information and programming specific and special to LU Sophomores! You can also check out updates and the latest happenings on my Instagram @sophomore_dean_rose

Rose Wasielewski Dean of Sophomore Class

Associate Dean of Students &  

Dean of the Sophomore Class  

Rose Wasielewski   
Office 203, Raymond House   

Declare your Major!

Declaring your major is a milestone as a student. Lawrence expects students to declare a major of study by the end of their sophomore year. After you explore a bit and consult with your advisor(s) on campus, fill out the Declaration of Major form online to make it official! 

Sophomore StrengthsFinder

Sign up to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder and to set up a meeting with Sophomore Dean Rose to review your results and discuss how you will use your strengths moving forward: in academics, in career development, in your personal relationships and personal development, etc.

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Career Communities

Joining Career communities empowers you to explore how your academic interests and skill-sets apply to potential industries. Joining career communities provides you with articles, connected alumni in that field, and ideas for coursework, volunteerism, internships, research/fellowships, and employment to help you explore potential Career options. Sign up for a community today!

The Global Community - Study Abroad

Deciding to seek out study abroad opportunities is a great thing to do your sophomore year! After a year or so on campus, you can take a leap and immerse yourself in another culture and community to expand your horizons. To find out more about meetings, financial aid for studying abroad, and next steps, please head to the Off Campus Study page