Program Description

This year marks the start of The CORE Program, a Student Affairs initiative to help students become engaged with our campus.

The CORE program will help first-year students make Connections, get Oriented to campus, understand campus Resources, and balance Expectations. Lawrence upper-class students will be their guide, helping new students work effectively with a faculty advisor, improve social decision-making, develop strong study habits, and much more.

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How It Works

The CORE Program places a pair of upper-class students, called CORE Group Leaders, with a CORE group of new students. CORE groups are made up of fall term Freshman Studies classmates. 

CORE groups will meet first and second terms for weekly discussions based on a program syllabus covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: adjusting to Lawrence, communication skills, working effectively with a faculty advisor, diversity, ethics and values, wellness, social decision-making, and developing strong study habits. These discussions will be facilitated by CORE group leaders. In addition to providing a forum to engage in conversations on topics that might not otherwise be discussed, it is a goal of the program to help students develop a deeper connection to the University and its resources. 

The CORE group leaders are a fantastic connecting point for new students transitioning to Lawrence. The upper-class students serving as CORE group leaders have demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities and are strong advocates for the educational and community experience at Lawrence. CORE group leaders will foster an environment that will enable new students to develop meaningful connections to their campus, classmates, and the faculty and staff who are here to support them.

The CORE Program is an exciting opportunity for new students to more comfortably and actively engage with the campus community, and all of Lawrence University has banded together to make this opportunity available for all entering students.  All CORE group meetings will take place on Monday evenings between 9:00pm and 10:00pm, an hour during which no other campus activities organizations should will be hosting events or meetings.  Through this unique scheduling arrangement, all CORE group members will be enabled to participate. CORE Group Leaders will be in contact with their sections with details on their meeting location.

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CORE Benefits

Participation in the CORE program will provide new students with opportunities to:

  • Engage with campus life (participate in a student club, team, service project, etc.)
  • Adapt to Lawrence (understanding how/when to work with their advisors, build an appropriate social network on campus, understand the liberal arts, etc.)
  • Identifying university resources and understand when to utilize those resources
  • Develop a sense of well-being (developing and maintaining physical/mental health, develop confidence in course work, etc.)

As weekly discussions take place this page will be updated with topics and discussion prompts.  Please check back regularly for program updates.


Questions about this program can be directed to Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students, at .

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