Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

Committee on Diversity Affairs is a sub-committee of LUCC which helps to represent all student identities in the decision-making processes. CODA exists to support different organizations of diversity on campus by promoting those groups’ events and interests while addressing issues of injustice as they arise. CODA makes it a point to give every identity a voice, especially those that are under-represented, as this is essential to creating a campus where everyone feels that they are not only respected, but also a strong asset to our community! CODA provides a safe space to discuss multiple perspectives regarding life at Lawrence as it works to brainstorm solutions to better our campus.

Current members:

Brienne Colston, Chair
AJ Williams, Secretary
Liana Raberg
Najja Gay
Jaime Gonzalez
Annie Ahmed
Nancy Corona
Alysa Bennet
Alexa Blumenstock                  
Nick Felipe
Cynthia Tobias                          

Pa Lee Moua, Assistant Dean of Students for Multicultural Affairs

Council on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE)

The Council on Community Service and Engagement is a LUCC committee focused to promote volunteerism on campus. CCSE works to facilitate collaboration and communication between LUCC, VCSC and volunteer oriented student groups. CCSE encourages students to experience the unique relationship Lawrentians have with the Appleton community through volunteerism. CCSE works to address the concerns of the Lawrence community in areas of volunteerism and community service.

CCSE also oversees the Humanitarian Grant, a $2,000 grant awarded to students or student-organizations focused on serving the on-campus community, the Appleton community, or the world at large. 

-Greta Schmitt, Chair

Environmental Responsibility Committee (ERC)

The purpose of the Environmental Responsibility Committee is to promote understanding and awareness of environmental responsibility within the Lawrence community and to sponsor educational programs on environmental responsibility. By working on projects initiated by its own members, as well as sponsoring projects/initiatives of students of Lawrence through the ERC grant, the environmental responsibility committee attempts to draw attention to the importance of environmental sustainability at Lawrence and its impact on the world. The ERC is a place for committee members and students to recognize the problems of environmental responsibility that Lawrence University faces and attempt to solve them.

Kyle Stuckey, Chair

Residence Life Committee (Res Life)

As a residential campus, housing is an important part of student life at Lawrence, and that’s where the Residence Life Committee (aka Res Life) comes in!  Made-up of students for students, Res Life is responsible for reviewing housing legislation for residence halls and small group houses, informing students of housing procedures, and facilitating the student housing process in the spring.  Some notable changes we’ve undertaken in the last few years include making Hiett Hall completely gender neutral, adding a volunteer project component to Theme House legislation, and editing the content on the Lawrence website about the housing process.

Current members:

Jenni Sefcik, Chair
Dan Thomas-Commins
Tom Sasani

Amy Uecke, Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life
Wendy Osero, Housing Coordinator
Rose Wasielewski, Residence Hall Director

Student Welfare Committee

Student Welfare Committee is primarily concerned with effective communication between several campus offices and services and the student body, ITS, Facilities Services, Bon Appetit, and the Library. Students get a chance to work closely with staff to actually make a difference on campus. Last year SWC implemented the Enterprise Car Share program and also launched the Just Bring It Back campaign which encourages students to return dishes to the Campus Center in order to cut down on expenses. This campaign will be continuing throughout the year. SWC is a unique place where students, faculty and staff all have an equal say and all voices are heard.

Current members:

Mallory Speck, Chair
Emily Nordin
Taylor Winter
Yame Senye
Elana Lambert
Wesley Varughese
Patrick Hearle

Rose Wasielewski, Student Affairs Projects Coordinator
Nancy Truesdell, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Peter Gilbert, Director of the Library
Greg Griffin, Director of the Warch Campus Center
Curt Lauderdale, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life
Elizabeth Miller, Director of Financial Services
Dan Meyer, Director of Facility Services
Julie Severance, General Manager of Bon Appetit at Lawrence University

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