LUCC Cabinet Officers

Wesley Varughese, President
Ali Heiring, Vice President
Troy Miller, Treasurer
Adam McDonald, Parliamentarian
David Jumes, General Secretary
Zack Schubert, Finance Secretary
Abedin Rafique, Public Relations Secretary
Elena Stabile, Special Projects Manager

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LUCC Representatives

Class of 2015
Andre Augustine
Nancy Corona
Aubrey Lawlor
Peter Raffel

Class of 2016
Cate Bentley
Patrick Hearle
Linh Nguyen
Chelsey Choy

Class of 2017
Malcolm Lunn-Craft
AJ Williams
Michael Deremo
Suzanne Hones

Class of 2018
Rebecca Tapia
Harrison Barber
Pragyan Sigdel
Bart Szewczyk

Judith Humphries, representing the Faculty
Ben Rinehart, representing the Faculty
Nancy Truesdell, Dean of Students: representing the Faculty
Curt Lauderdale, LUCC advisor

LUCC Committee Chairs

Steering Committee:  Wesley Varughese
Finance Committee:  Ali Heiring
Polling, Elections, & Leadership Committee: Adam McDonald
Publicity Committee: Abedin Rafique
Residence Life Committee: Jenni Sefcik
Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA):  Brienne Colston
Environmental Responsibility Committee (ERC):  Kyle Stuckey
Committee on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE):  Greta Schmitt
Student Welfare Committee (SWC): Mallory Speck
Judicial Board: Adam Tenasaputra
LUCC Sustainability Fund:  Kyle Stuckey

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