Housing Accommodations

Students who have documented disabilities requiring special housing accommodations must make necessary housing arrangements with the Dean of Students office no later than Thursday, April 27, 2017 (which is prior to housing selection).

While there are many factors involved in the housing accommodation process, every effort will be made to inform the student of their housing accommodation and assignment before the Housing lottery takes place.  Students who receive a housing accommodation will not go through the Housing Lottery process.

Students who are currently receiving housing accommodations should respond to the housing memo sent by the Housing Coordinator to make arrangements to continue the appropriate accommodations for the coming academic year.

When seeking housing accommodations, the student must provide documentation from the medical or mental health professional that they have been working with that indicates the following: the diagnosis and/or disability, the indication of a treatment/management plan that supports the diagnosis and/or disability, and discussion on how housing plays a role in supporting the treatment/management plan.

Documentation can be submitted in any of the following ways:

Delivered by the student to the Dean of Students Office in Raymond House
Emailed to Dean of Students, Curt Lauderdale, at curt.lauderdale@lawrence.edu
Faxed to the Dean of Students Office at 920-832-7078
Mailed to Curt Lauderdale, Dean of Students, 711 E Boldt Way, Appleton, WI 54911 

Students should schedule a brief meeting with Dean Lauderdale to discuss their housing needs at the time the documentation is submitted.

Requests that are submitted after the April 27, 2017 deadline will be considered, but there is no guarantee that the accommodation will be able to be fulfilled.  Students who submit their request after the deadline can expect to hear about the status of their request during the summer and before the start of the next academic year.

While we understand that many individuals experience seasonal allergies, are bothered by noise, or may be light sleepers, it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate specific housing requests for these reasons at this time. However, we will assist you in making good choices in the housing selection process to find a room that is best for you based on your needs and lottery number.

Incoming students should indicate their housing needs on the housing questionnaire and follow the process indicated above if seeking housing accommodations for a documented diagnosis/disability.

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