Meal Plan Options

As Lawrentians, you have several meal plan options:

  • Plan A: 120 meals/11 meals per week, $150 in Culinary Cash, $1,552 per term
  • Plan B: 95 meals/9 meals per week, $300 in Culinary Cash, $1,552 per term
  • Plan C: 150 meals/14 meals per week, $25 in Culinary Cash, $1,552 per term
  • Plan D: Declining balance, $1,082 in Culinary Cash, $1,552 per term (not available for the first term of your freshman year).
  • Plan E (new): 70 meals, $450 in Culinary Cash, $1,552 per term.

Sign up for meal plans through your Voyager account.  The deadline to sign up for a meal plan is just prior to the start of the term.  Changes after that point and up to 3 days into the term will incur a $50 change fee.

Want to know more about your meal plan?  Check out the meal plan FAQ page.


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Bon Appetit has been the dining service provider at Lawrence University since 2009.  To learn about the organization's commitment to sustainably grown foods and fresh, seasonal produce, visit Bon Appetit's website.

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