Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX)


To be filled out by person making complaint (or advocate assisting that person)



This form is used to file a complaint of sexual misconduct by a Lawrence student, faculty or staff member.  Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, exploitation, or assault.  Complaints of sexual harassment or exploitation are internally investigated and may be settled by mediation with the agreement of all parties.  Complaints of sexual assault are referred to an external investigator, and the investigation is continued to completion with or without the cooperation of the complainant.  Anyone found in violation of the sexual misconduct policy will be sanctioned.  Full information can be found in Lawrence's Sexual Misconduct Policy.



Please fill in the information below to the best of your ability.  When you have finished, click "Submit" to send the complaint to the Title IX Coordinator.

Type of Complaint
Complainant = the person making the complaint
Respondent(s) = the person(s) the complaint is about
For multiple incidents, enter the date/time/location of the most recent incident and include the date/time/location of previous incidents in the description.

This question is included to prevent automated spam submissions; it is not presented to logged-in users.

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