Sexual Misconduct Reports & Complaints

July 2011 to June 2016


The tables below provide a summary of sexual misconduct reports and complaints received by Lawrence's Title IX coordinator during the last five years.  Definitions and examples for the types of misconduct and procedures for handling complaints are provided in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.


Table 1 shows the number of reports and complaints by academic year (July 1 - June 30).  A report makes the Title IX Coordinator aware of concerns so support can be offered and steps taken to improve campus safety.  A complaint is a claim of misconduct and request for action by the university.  One incident can generate multiple reports and one or more complaints.


Table 1. Number of reports and complaints by academic year
Year Reports Complaints
2011-12 2 4
2012-13 1 4
2013-14 4 5
2014-15 10 4
2015-16 * 21 3

*In fall 2015, all employees received training on mandatory reporting

Table 2 shows complaints from or about students, faculty, staff, or visitors, and the resulting outcomes.


Table 2. Total complaints and outcomes from July 2011 to June 2016
Type Complaints Outcomes
Harassment or exploitation* 7 2 termination
1 probation
2 mediation**
2 not found in violation
Assault*** 15 1 expulsion
6 suspension for one year or longer
2 suspension for less than one year
1 probation with no-contact order
1 banned from campus (visitor)
4 not found in violation
None of the above 2 1 required training for group
1 referred to other policy


*Exploitation was added to the policy in August 2015
**Mediation is an option for sexual harassment or exploitation but not for sexual assault
***Assault includes nonconsensual sexual contact and nonconsensual sexual intercourse

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