Complaint Process

Receipt of Formal Complaint

When a Formal Complaint of sexual misconduct is received, the Title IX Coordinator will notify the appropriate University Authority:

  • Vice President of Student Affairs, for complaints against students;
  • Provost and Dean of the Faculty, for complaints against faculty; or
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration, for complaints against staff.

(for complaints of unwanted
sexual contact or intercourse)

(for complaints of sexual
harassment or exploitation only)


With the approval of the University Authority, the Title IX Coordinator will authorize the Investigator to begin investigating the complaint, and this investigation will continue to conclusion with or without the cooperation of the Complainant.


A University Authority or designee may act as a mediator in cases of potential sexual harassment or exploitation, but not assault (unwanted sexual contact or intercourse), where mediation is appropriate and acceptable to the Complainant, the Respondent, and the University, as recommended by the Office of Civil Rights guidelines.  If a case is mediated to the satisfaction of all parties, then the matter will be considered resolved, and no further action will be taken.

If no mediated agreement is reached, the Title IX Coordinator will determine whether the case should be opened for further investigation.

Determination of Violation or Non-Violation

The appropriate University Authority will use the contents of the Investigator’s Report to determine whether a violation of this policy has occurred.

Determination of Sanctions

After determining that this policy has been violated, the University Authority will consider the details of the case, along with any prior complaints against the Respondent under this or other applicable University policies and any sanctions imposed in similar cases by the University, and will determine the sanction or sanctions to be imposed

Review and Notifications

Once the University Authority has decided upon appropriate sanctions, he or she will notify the Title IX Coordinator, who will convene a meeting or conference call of the University Authorities (listed above under “Receipt of Complaint”).  At that meeting, the appropriate University Authority will provide a summary of the Formal Complaint, the Investigator’s Report, whether the Respondent was found to be in violation of University policy, and what sanction or sanctions are to be imposed.  The University Authorities will review the decision and any sanctions to ensure that they are consistent with University policy and in the best interests of the campus community.


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