aerial view meditationWhy start Lawrence with RITU@L?

A lot of us today live in the fast lane. Maybe you resonate with this statement when reflecting on your time in high school. One’s college experience is thought to be a continuation of this over-worked, over-connected, and over-stressed pattern, as students often compete over how busy and sleep-deprived they are in comparison to their peers. Lawrence is no different. In fact, we even have our own coined term to describe it, “The Lawrence Busy.”

The RITU@L Retreat experience is an intimate, immersive spiritual retreat, that allows YOU to choose how you will to make best use of your new space and your time at Lawrence. The retreat is designed to inspire connection to self, others, nature, and beyond leaving you energized, emotionally balanced and mentally focused. Throughout our time together, you will learn how you can transform ordinary habits and routines into intentional practices to feel in control of your days, minimize stress, and find pockets of peace even on the busiest of days. In other words, RITU@L is an antidote to “The Lawrence Busy”. Furthermore, by weaving together a fabric of these practices and rituals, you will gain insight about yourself that may be important in your desire/quest/hope to experience meaning and purpose throughout your years at Lawrence and beyond.

Participating in RITU@L will allow you to deepen your connection with yourself and others. Each activity is designed to help participants ground and enrich their personal practices with the support of fellow participants, peer leaders, and professional staff. You’ll form a tight-knit community of folks to walk alongside as you all gain insights in traversing the inevitable unknown that accompanies a college experience. Over the course of the retreat, we will welcome you to your first community at Lawrence – one that is inclusive, thoughtful, and compassionate.


Registration Open: May 13
Applications Close: May 31
Accepted Applicants Notified: June 16
Program Dates: September 6-9

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