Our Mission

Diversity Center

Located in Lower Level Memorial Hall

The purpose of the Diversity Center is to help foster a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for students to explore, express, and engage in identity development of oneself and others. This will be achieved through education, conversations, and programming that are relevant and necessary for growth. In addition, the Diversity Center provides additional resources such as individual cultural support, a diverse library (books, magazines, pamphlets),  connections to the surrounding diverse communities, and opportunities to volunteer and lead. Please stop by for a visit and get connected.

Diversity Center Cultural Dinners

The dinners were put in place to raise awareness around campus issues. We invite students from various groups and organizations on campus, to come in and participate in these discussions. The purpose of having student clubs and organizations is to both educate and challenge people to think outside of their comfort zones. We limit the number to 20 people per group, however, we are not opposed to having more if the group wants more members to be a part of the discussion. At the end of each discussion, we introduce the “Peace Jar”. This initiative is for those who are more reserved during the discussion, yet have so many great things to voice. Each member gets the opportunity to write out their thoughts, ask questions, or give constructive feedback for the facilitators to incorporate moving forward. After everyone is done, each member will place their index card or sticky note into the peace jar for the facilitators to review. 






Swing House:
" I liked being able to talk to each other as a group about opportunities for conversations and initiatives"
"I really liked that we started off with questions of identity and the general way the discussion was started"

Sigma Phi Epsilon:
" I will listen actively and openly, but will NOT ask anyone to speak for a movement or group that is larger than themselves"
"Lawrence is changing, but us as a school and organization have to work together to make this a better space"

"If you don't do it then is may never happen"
"The dinners are great and this method of input should be expanded to other departments"
"In Spanish we call this... Trabajo de hormiguita which translates to ant work. Slowly but surely creating change"

The Diversity Center Needs Books!

The Diversity Center is looking to add more books!

We welcome book donations and suggestions.

Books will be purchased as soon as possible and available for checkout.

Contact Lena Bixby via email @ lena.c.bixby@lawrence.edu 

New Diversity Center Hours!

 Diversity Center is NOW opened  7 DAYS A WEEK!!!! 9AM TO MIDNIGHT!



Our Location

The Diversity Center is located on the lower level of Memorial Hall, across from the Viking Room (VR).  Check out the study room, kitchen, resource library, staff offices, and chill with the staff. 

Let's Talk about Diversity

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