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Weill Music Institute – Internship first impressions – Daniel Bernstein

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 7:47pm
I am very excited to be interning at the Weill Music Institute this summer in New York City. The Weill Music Institute (WMI) is the education and community arm of Carnegie Hall, and they are devoted to creating the most meaningful, inclusive, and high-quality musical experiences for everyone. They are especially devoted to enabling musical … Continue reading Weill Music Institute – Internship first impressions – Daniel Bernstein

World Business Chicago – Internship early impressions – Dylan Geary

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 7:45pm
“If you’re not uncomfortable, you probably aren’t learning.” This line, spoken by my organization’s CEO in last week’s company-wide meeting, best epitomizes my time with World Business Chicago’s CASE initiative. CASE, Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy, is a network of Chicago’s public and private institutions leveraging their purchasing power to accelerate economic development through … Continue reading World Business Chicago – Internship early impressions – Dylan Geary

What is an Internship?


The National Society for Experiential Education defines an internship as "a carefully monitored work or volunteer experience in which an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience."


Freshman Visit

A Freshman Visit is a 15-20 minute initial appointment with a career advisor intended simply to help us get to know who you are and what general interests you may have so that we can best share resources and opportunities with you throughout your time at Lawrence. The visits can take place any time during your first year at Lawrence, however, we encourage all students who haven't visited Career Services to schedule initial visits. It does not matter whether you know what you want to talk about or do in the future; we will figure those things out together!

To schedule a visit, please stop by or call Career Services.

Alice G. Chapman Hall, 2nd floor

Is grad school right for you?


  • How might graduate school affect my career or professional plans?
  • Will the graduate degree enhance or narrow my employment prospects?
  • Am I burned out academically or anxious to continue with academic work?


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