Executive Board

The executive board of Lawrence International coordinates the efforts of the organization. Throughout the year, it makes decisions regarding LI and spearheads the planning of events. It is mandated with the following:

  1. Achieving the goals and purposes of the organization;
  2. Enforcing compliance with the obligations and duties stated in the Constitution;
  3. Promoting membership participation in all events through sign-ups and advertising of upcoming events;
  4. Planning and carrying out LI activities.

The board is usually composed of nine members elected through general election in early spring. A representative of Waseda exchange students is elected from among the Waseda group in early fall. Traditionally, the director of International Student Services has served as the staff advisor to LI. The president of Lawrence International heads the board and chairs all meetings.



The current executive board of Lawrence International is as follows:

President - Tamanna Akram, Bangladesh

Vice President - Kazuma Noguchi, Japan/Macau/USA

Secretary - Veronica Bella, USA

Publicity Manager - Mingyan Lu, China

Events Coordinator - Nikki Payne, Thailand/USA

Events Coordinator- Binita Rajbhandari, Nepal

Communications Chair - Yuriko Hirose, Japan

Community Building Chair - Daniel Vaca, Ecuador

Waseda Representative - Shu Yamamoto, Japan

Pictured Below are the current members of the LI Board, accompanied by staff advisor Leah McSorley.

LI board 2016-17


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