Request an LI Yearbook

In an effort to be environmentally conscious, you are invited to download the Lawrence International Yearbook by clicking the following link: Final LI Yearbook 9/16/2019

Alternatively, If you would like to request a printed copy be sent to your SPC or home address (graduates only), please complete the below form.

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Yearbook 2008-2009 (PDF)

Yearbook 2009-2010 (PDF)

Yearbook 2010-2011 (PDF

Yearbook 2011-2012 (PDF)

Yearbook 2012-2013 (PDF)

Yearbook 2013-2014 (PDF)

Yearbook 2014-2015 (PDF)

Yearbook 2015-2016 (PDF)

Yearbook 2016-2017 (PDF)

Yearbook 2017-2018 (PDF)

Yearbook 2018-2019 (PDF)