Ticket Cost

Adults - $10
Students - $5
LU Student with ID - $5 refundable deposit (see details below)
Children under 4 - FREE

Purchasing Tickets

Community Members, Lawrence Faculty & Staff

Tickets for Cabaret may be purchased through the Box Office.

Friendship Families

Friendship families may purchase discount tickets through International Student Services.  Contact internationalhouse@lawrence.edu.

International Alumni

International alumni are eligible to request up to two free tickets by completing this webform or contacting internationalhouse@lawrence.edu.

Student Deposit

Lawrence International will be selling tickets to students outside Andrew Commons to students during:
Dates: TBA (To be announced)
Times:  TBA (To be announced)
Terms and Conditions:

I. Each student deposit is $5 per ticket.

II. You can only buy up to two tickets.

III. You can donate your deposit to the LI Grant* or we can return the 5$.

IV. In order to ensure a prompt start and avoid chaos, deposits will only be returned up to 5 minutes prior to the show.

V. If you do not request your deposit returned within the timeframe, your deposit will be donated to the LI Grant*.

VI. If you cannot make the dates provided in IV, please e-mail li@lawrence.edu.

VII. On the day of the event, each individual should carry only one ticket. Each individual is only allowed to claim up to one deposit ($5) no matter how many tickets an individual holds.

VIII. The LI Board retains and reserves the exclusive authority and right to make any and all decisions regarding  Cabaret.  The  LI  Board will remain the sole entity to make these decisions at its sole discretion.

IX. In the case of contradictory communications or information by the  LI  Board or its authorized representatives, individuals are expected to contact the president of Lawrence International.

*All proceeds from the LU student ticket donations at Cabaret will go towards the  LI Grant. The LI Grant provides financial assistance for LI members to participate in unique and valuable opportunities–such as study abroad, summer internship or research–to learn, explore, and grow as individuals.