International Connections Student Profiles

Upper class students volunteering as International Connections serve as a mentor and resource to new incoming students from abroad and will be meeting new incoming students during Welcome Week and at the International Connection Dinner at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 13.  Learn more about the International Connections program here.

Ayomide Akinyosoye '19 (Nigeria)

Hi and welcome to Lawrence University. My name is Ayomide Akinyosoye, I am originally from Nigeria but I grew up in Ghana. I am a junior studying Economics and an interdisciplinary in innovation and entrepreneurship. I am the current treasurer for the Events planning and organizing committee, as well as Amnesty international on campus. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my Lawrence experience with you.



Ashley Dary '18 (Japan/USA)

I’m Ashley Dary, a Senior studying for Linguistics and East Asian Studies. Welcome to Lawrence! This place is sure to keep you busy, whether its academics or club activities. My main interests are language, pop culture and drawing, and I’m a part of the university’s comic club ilLUstrator and Lawrence University Anime Union. When I was a freshman I came to the states after living in Japan for 6 years, so I decided to join the international students to get used to America. It was great to interact with so many unique people, and I hope I can help make your first week at Lawrence great too! One advice I can give to you all is to get a planner or some way to organize your schedule right away! Your first week here will have plenty for you to do, and once classes start it’s easy to get overwhelmed with assignment. Organization is the first step to quality learning! That 10 seconds spent writing your homework down will save you in the future!

Trang Doan '19 (Vietnam)

Trang DoanHello, and welcome to Lawrence University! My name is Trang Doan, I am a sophomore studying Economics and Environmental Studies. I know you have been through a lot in order to get to where you are here at Lawrence University. You must have felt worried and excited for your new life at Lawrence but don’t worry, you are not alone. I was in your spot a year ago and I still remember exactly how it felt when I first came to Lawrence. I was overwhelmed, as well as fascinated. But trust me when I say everything only gets better from here. I know this because Lawrence is a great place for you to engage with different cultures, get to know different people and above all, challenge yourself and expand upon your capabilities. If you are ever having a hard time, whether it be academically, socially, or emotionally don’t hesitate to talk to me or others. Everyone at Lawrence is really friendly and eager to help you. If I can leave you with one last piece of advice: be confident, go out of your comfort zone and reach out to the world. I’m looking forward to talking to you and learning about the cultures you all are bringing to Lawrence!

Julian Garrido '19 (Mexico)

Hello! My name is Julian Garrido and I am a junior from Mexico studying Physics with a Japanese minor. Welcome to Lawrence!! I am interested in astronomy and I love taking pictures. I am part of the board of VIVA, the Hispanic Culture Club. I know things might seem a little bit overwhelming and stressing, and that is normal for any soon-to-be college freshman, so don’t worry. It was also overwhelming for me the first time I came to Lawrence: new culture, new people, and leaving your friends and family behind. That is why I decided to join the student mentor program, to help new international students have a smooth transition into the American college life. Everyone here is very welcoming, so I am sure you will gave a great time in Lawrence!


Dalia Khattab '18 (Jordan)

Hello, my name is Dalia Khattab. I am a senior from Amman, Jordan. I am majoring in Government (International Relations), Biology, and French. I speak Arabic, English, and French. I'm a member of Model United Nations (LUMUN), Judicial Board (J-board), Arab Culture Club (ACC), Mortar Board Honor Society, and I work with International Admissions! I'm looking forward to meeting you all and to telling you more about Lawrence, it's a great place!



Hitkarsh Kumar '18 (India)

I’m Hitkarsh, an international student from Chandigarh, India. I’m pursuing a degree in philosophy and biomedical ethics. I spend my time clicking photographs, going for long walks and exploring the world of coffee. I love being a part of the difference, that is, Lawrence.


Rohan Nair '19 (India/USA)

Hi, I'm Rohan, class of 2019. I'm a mathematics and philosophy major that grew up in India and in the United States. Even though I spent some time growing up in the United States, I came to Lawrence after spending about 7 years living in India, so I still felt a lot of culture shock, and it took me a while to get used to the way things worked here. At this point I think I've mostly figured things out, but I still know what problems international students face when they come to America. I hope I can be helpful during your first few months at Lawrence, and perhaps for even longer than that.


Victor Nguyen '20 (Vietnam)

Greeting and welcome to Lawrence! I am Victor Nguyen, currently majoring in Biochemistry and minor in Economics. I like photography and sport, especially basketball. In my first year at Lawrence I worked as the photographer and journalist for the Lawrentian, social media specialist for LU Student Ambassador Program, co-founder of Vietnamese Cultural Organization and some minor things. I understand that you have been through a long and difficult time before coming to Lawrence, but don’t worry, your upcoming time with Lawrence will be really exciting and joyful! The transition period for freshman might be quite a challenge, especially for international student. However, I believe with your ability and courage combine with my advice you can surpass any obstacle. Lawrence University is a wonderful place for students to engage and show their full potential in both academic and extra-activities, so let’s reach out to every opportunities and make your first year at Lawrence memorable together!


Zhiru Wang '20 (China)
Hi! Welcome to Lawrence! I am Zhiru Wang, an incoming sophomore, studying biology and art. I am involved in on-campus organizations such as, Food Recover, GlobeMed, Chinese Student Association, Kappa Aleph Theta, Lawrence International, and Lambda Sigma Sophomore Honor Society. About a year ago, I had no clue how would I able to adjust to a totally new environment, but Lawrence is such a supporting community that I can always get help from mentors, faulty members and upper class students. In Lawrence, as long as you want to share, there are always people willing to listen. People won’t judge you if you have totally different idea from the rest of the class, because they understand, you look things from a different perspective. Professors won’t criticize you if you don’t know how to participate in class with your second language, because they know you have potentials and you need someone’s help. I cried a lot but also laughed a lot during my freshman year. I cried because I was moved by strangers who cared about me so much; I laughed because I had so many wonderful and unforgettable experience in Lawrence. I believe you all can find your own positions in Lawrence, have fun, and learn a lot.
Yifan Zhang '19 (China)

My name is Yifan Zhang, class of 2019. I am double majoring in Mathematics and Studio art, with a minor in Computer Science. My interests include painting, photography, illustration, and design. I find my two years studying in Lawrence University has been a rewarding and transformative experience so far. When I was a freshman, my upper class mentor told me some of her own experiences, which were really helpful to me when I was registering for classes. Therefore, I am looking forward to helping more people with enriching their college experiences!

Waseda Student Mentors

Elena Hudacek '18 (USA)

Hi, everyone! My name is Elena. I'm a senior at Lawrence getting a double major in Spanish and Linguistics. This will be my second year as a Waseda mentor. On campus I work as the Head Oral Communication tutor, and I tutor students in writing, linguistics, Spanish, and oral communication. I also volunteer in a fourth grade classroom at the Appleton Bilingual School. My hobbies include baking and studying languages like Spanish, Latin, and Japanese! I look forward to working with you all!

Megan Murphy '18 (USA)

Hello! My name is Meghan. This is my third year as a Waseda mentor. I am currently a senior, although I will be spending five years at Lawrence because I am a Violin Performance and Religious Studies double degree student with an Environmental Studies minor. While on campus I participate in the Nordic Ski Team, SLUG garden, and the Food Recovery Network. I really enjoy going to new places and actually spent this summer in China and Canada.


Colin Wolff  '18 (USA)

My name is Colin Wolff, I am from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. I am pursuing a political science major with a focus on international relations, and a double minor in history and ethnic studies. I am a member of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. You can often find me studying in the Seeley G. Mudd Library, on the 1st or 3rd floor. My other pass-times are reading the news and political science magazines, as well as reading novels and comics, and playing video games. I particularly like science fiction and fantasy, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones.


Hi everyone! My name is Yidi from China! I am really glad to work as Waseda program student assistant this year! I am going to be a sophomore and currently working on my self-design major commercial music production. This is a major including business, economics, and music production! I am not a conservatory student but I participate in a lot of music groups like Appletones, which is an A Capella group in campus. I am also Lawrence International board member. I hope your year in Lawrence goes very well! We are all here for you!

Welcome Week Leaders

In addition to the International Connections, there are a number of international students volunteering during the campus-wide Welcome Week.  Please also feel free to reach out to them!

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