International Connections Student Profiles

Upper class students volunteering as International Connections serve as a mentor and resource to new incoming students from abroad and will be meeting new incoming students during Welcome Week and at the International Connection Dinner at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 16.  Learn more about the International Connections program here.

Ashley Dary '18 (Japan/USA)

Ashley ISS I’m Ashley Dary, a Junior studying for a major in Linguistics and a minor in East Asian Studies. Welcome to Lawrence! This place is sure to keep you busy, whether its academics or club activities. My main interests are language, pop culture and drawing, and I’m a part of the university’s comic club ilLUstrator and Lawrence University Anime Union. When I was a freshman I came to the states after living in Japan for 6 years, so I decided to join the international students to get used to America. It was great to interact with so many unique people, and I hope I can help make your first week at Lawrence great too! One advice I can give to you all is make sure you’re dressed right. A nice warm jacket is important, but so are shoes to keep your toes from freezing in the winter! The cold might seem scary at first, but going out and playing in the snow is super fun too.

Trang Doan '19 (Vietnam)

Trang DoanHello, and welcome to Lawrence University! My name is Trang Doan, I am a sophomore studying Economics and Environmental Studies. I know you have been through a lot in order to get to where you are here at Lawrence University. You must have felt worried and excited for your new life at Lawrence but don’t worry, you are not alone. I was in your spot a year ago and I still remember exactly how it felt when I first came to Lawrence. I was overwhelmed, as well as fascinated. But trust me when I say everything only gets better from here. I know this because Lawrence is a great place for you to engage with different cultures, get to know different people and above all, challenge yourself and expand upon your capabilities. If you are ever having a hard time, whether it be academically, socially, or emotionally don’t hesitate to talk to me or others. Everyone at Lawrence is really friendly and eager to help you. If I can leave you with one last piece of advice: be confident, go out of your comfort zone and reach out to the world. I’m looking forward to talking to you and learning about the cultures you all are bringing to Lawrence!

Deepta Jyoti '17 (Bangladesh)

Deepta ISSI'm Deepta, a senior studying Math and Philosophy and a member of Lawrence International (LI). 
Reason for becoming a Mentor: When I came to Lawrence, I learned first-hand that transitioning to a whole new environment can be a frustrating experience. There are many details that simply cannot be known until you come and begin to live here.  My mentor helped me immensely by telling me about her own Lawrence experience and I want to do the same for someone else, in the hope that their exciting college journey can be made less stressful.
Advice for incoming students: Have an organizer/Set alarms on your phone for events. There will be quite a few events during orientation and they are all important. Make sure you don't miss them!

Tammy Li '17 (China)

Tammy ISS 1Tammy Mingfei Li, class of 2017, is from China and is majoring in Piano Performance. Her major on-campus involvements include various music ensembles in the Conservatory of Music, and Lawrence International. She became a mentor because she was looking to help every future Lawrentian feel as welcomed and supported as she was when she first entered this warm and nurturing community. One piece of advice from Tammy for incoming international students is to never only observe and watch others, but to engage and participate. Welcome to the big family!

Billy Liu '18 (China)

Hi! I’m Billy Liu from China, from Class 2018, and double major in Biology and English, with a creative writing minor. I currently work for the school newspaper, The Lawrentian, as a photographer. I’m also a member of the photography club, and the Lawrence International. Welcome to Lawrence, and welcome to Appleton! You’ll have a great year, and meet some of the best people in your life here. Have fun, and study well!


Rohan Nair '19 (India/USA)

Rohan ISSMy name is Rohan Nair, an incoming sophomore (Class of 2019), and a double major in mathematics and philosophy. Outside of academics, I'm an active member of the Strange Philosophy Club and the Grappling Club, as well as Phi Kappa Tau, a fraternity on campus. Coming to study in a new country can be a strange transition, and the newfound freedom as a college student can be jarring. As a mentor, I want to help make this transition as smooth as possible. It's important to remember, however, that ultimately things just fall into place once classes start and you begin getting comfortable with Lawrence.


Adrian Odamtten '19 (Ghana)

adrian issWelcome to Lawrence University! My name is Adrian Odamtten, and I am an international student from Accra, Ghana. I am a Sophomore majoring in Economics and I'm also trying to be a part of 3-2 Engineering program. I love Lawrence because of the relationships students are able to build with faculty throughout their years, there is a personal side to a Lawrence education that you just wouldn't get at a bigger school. Being an international student myself I'm aware of how daunting transitioning from one culture to the next can be, but I'm here to assure you that you will definitely find yourself at home here at Lawrence! Never be afraid to try new things, get involved, and immerse yourself in the melting pot of diversity Lawrence has to offer. Enjoy your time here at Lawrence University!

Daniel Vaca ' 19 (Ecuador)

iss danielMy name is Daniel Vaca, I am now a sophomore and I am not sure what I will major in. Although I know I will minor in music. Welcome to Lawrence, this is a place that has so much to offer when the student is active within the community, both in academics and club or other activities. I come from Ecuador, in South America, and I am 19 years old. I decided to become a mentor because of the mentor that I had that just graduated, she inspired me to follow her steps and do likewise. The advice I can give for now is: it is possible to survive the winter, most people will be nervous just like you so it will be easy to make friends, and DO NOT be afraid to ask any kind of questions. Do not be scared of asking anything because you think it is embarrassing or dumb, ask, ask, and ask. People here are very friendly and willing to help each other out!



Luqiong Wang '17 (China)
Luqiong ISSWelcome to Lawrence! I hope your life at Lawrence will be great!  I am a rising senior majoring in Biology and a minor in Anthropology.  On campus I'm involved with People for Animal Welfare (PAW), Chinese Student Association (CSA), Lawrence International (LI).  When I first came to U.S. and Lawrence, I was overwhelmed by culture shock, language, schoolwork and a lot of other new things. It was hard to be in a new environment. However, I got a lot of supports from my mentor, faculty, and other people here. I have had a very good time at Lawrence because of the people around me, and I want to be a person like them, who is always supportive of others. My advice for new students is be yourself, stay healthy, play hard and study hard.


Waseda Student Mentors

Kathy Yan Li '17 (China)

kathy issHi. I'm Kathy Yan Li, class of 2017, from Shanghai, China. I'm a psychology student, and also minor in Japanese and ESL education. In the past two years, I worked as Waseda student assistant. I had a lot of fun and got to know this program more. This year, I'm honored to be one of the Waseda mentors and I'm looking forward to spending a wonderful year with you all. Welcome to Lawrence.




Megan Murphy '18 (USA)

Meghan Waseda My name is Meghan Murphy. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is two hours south of Appleton. I am majoring in Violin Performance and Religious Studies. My interests include being outdoors, skiing, biking, painting, traveling, learning Chinese and gardening. At Lawrence I am involved in the SLUG garden club and participate on ski team.



Colin Wolff '18 (USA)
colin waseda mentorMy name is Colin Wolff. I am from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. I am an international relations and history double major. I am a member of the LU Classics Club, the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, and LU College Democrats. Some of my interests include reading books, the news, and current events. I love Star Wars. I like to play video games, though I mostly enjoy older games, but I love Super Smash Brothers.



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