Please feel free to browse the FAQ below. You can also contact the assistant director for housing in Residential Education and Housing by calling (920) 832-6765 if you cannot find the answer to your question below.

Can you loft or bunk the beds?

You may loft or bunk your beds by stacking your furniture with bunk pins, available at your hall front desk when you arrive. Please do not build your own loft, as they are not allowed.  For more ideas on how furniture can be arranged in rooms, please check out this video or this document.

Why don’t first-year students get assigned to Hiett Hall?

Students on the LUCC Residence Life Committee decided when Hiett was built to limit Hiett Hall to upper class students only.

What type of flooring will I find in my room?

All of the halls have tile flooring except for Ormsby which has hardwood flooring. Most halls have a broom and dustpan available for easy cleaning. You can check out the dimensions of your room by clicking on the floor plan links.

Do you have microwaves in your building?

Since microwaves are not allowed in the rooms, each floor is equipped with a microwave. You will also find one in the hall kitchen. The only floor that does not have its own microwave is 2nd floor of Ormsby hall.

Do you supply or rent out refrigerators?

We do not supply or rent out refrigerators but you may bring one of your own, up to 4.5 cubic feet.

Do you have a fireplace?

All of the halls except for Ormsby and Kohler have fireplaces in the main lounges.

Why didn’t I get my first choice hall?

Every effort is made to place new students according to preferences. However, this can prove to be very difficult due to returning students' preferences, your date of deposit, and space available to first year students. We ask that new students keep an open mind regarding hall assignments, as each hall has a positive atmosphere with unique traits.

Where should I do my banking?

When you arrive to campus there will be a student services fair where several different banking representatives will greet you. At that time you can compare rates as well as find out what is close to campus.

What size sheets do I need? How large are the mattresses?

We recommend buying the extra long sheets since mattress sizes vary from hall to hall. That way you will have sheets that can travel with you from hall to hall, year after year!

 Is lighting provided?

Each room either has overhead lighting or floor lamps. Many desks also have an overhead desk lamp built into the hutch. You may feel free to bring extra lighting to add a personal touch to the room or to brighten it up even more.

What should I bring to campus?

Here are some of the things you might want to consider bringing with you to campus. Talk to your roommate about some of these things to avoid bringing two of the same items.

  • alarm clock
  • plastic bucket/carry-all to take your toiletries to and from the shower
  • pictures, posters or plants to make your room feel like home
  • Sticky-Tack (poster putty) to hang things on the walls, tape will damage the walls
  • clothes hangers
  • bed linens, blankets, pillows (we recommend extra long sheets)
  • towels
  • backpack or book bag
  • television, stereo and headphones (so you won't disturb your roommate)
  • small refrigerator (refrigerators larger than 4.5 cubic feet are prohibited)
  • key ring

What should I avoid bringing to campus?

These items are against University Policy, you should avoid bringing them with you this fall.

  • hot plate, grill, toaster oven, toaster, space heaters (basically anything with an open coil is prohibited under fire code)
  • microwaves (they blow fuses), they are also available in each residence hall
  • halogen lamps (too hot)
  • candles or anything with an open flame
  • tapestries that hang from the wall or ceiling
  • anything that would require you to remove your window screen (AC unit, satellite dish)
  • pets (any type of pet, besides fish, needs to be approved by your floor before it can be brought to campus) - please see the student handbook for pets (pages 79-80)

What are furniture sizes in the rooms?

  • Mattress: 36" x 6" x 80"
  • Desk
    • Shelf space: 8" x 2'8" x 11"
    • From desktop to shelf: 19"
  • Space under bed
    • Short setting: 9" (11" if squeezed under the lip of the bed"
    • Tall setting: 1'2" (1'5" if squeezed under lip of bed)
  • Wardrobe
    • Depth: 2'11"
    • Hanging bar is 3'5" from bottom and 2'10" wide
    • Shelf has 6" opening but 8" total height
  • Dresser
    • Top drawer" 3.5" x 2' x 2'10"
    • Middle & bottom drawers: 7" x 2' x 2'10"
  • Book shelf: both shelves 13" x 11" x 2'8"

What if I have a disability that affects my housing assignment?

Students who have documented disabilities requiring special housing accommodations must make necessary housing arrangements with the dean of students. Please click here for additional information.