What's the Book of the Month?

February 2018


Around the Way Girl by Taraji P. Henson

A story of family the obstacles faced, challenges met and stories shared, Taraji P. Henson lets us into her life from Washington DC., to Hollywood. This Memoir is one that reflects on the makeup of Taraji as a woman, mother and powerhouse. Enjoy this month's hottest read,

Around the Way Girl!

January 2018

DCThe Shaping of Black America: The Struggles and Triumphs of African-Americans, 1619-1990s by author Lerone Bennett Jr.

We are proud to officially reveal 2018's first Book of the Month!

"What forces transformed Africans into African-Americans?" Among many questions, this one is brought up and addressed by Lerone Bennett Jr., where he examines the African- American experience in depth from the 1600s to 1990s. Through his work, The Shaping of Black America, Bennett tells a story from a developmental perspective, in regard to how exactly "Black people became a nation within a nation". Travel back in time with this work, and learn of how Black America came to be!

If you would like an insightful read, be sure to pick up our January 2018 Book of the Month, "The Shaping of Black America: The Struggles and Triumphs of African-Americans, 1619-1990s"!

October 2017


Power and Place Indian Education in America by authors Vine Deloria Jr. and Daniel R. Wildcat

We are proud to introduce our new Book of the Month! For centuries, education for Native Americans for centuries has been ineffective in many ways. The Bureau of Indian education has made attempts to revamp Native American learning and school systems. Part of the issue is the idea of being taught an European view of what Native history is. The education system is broken and has to be addressed properly. Through their book "Power and Place Indian Education in America", authors Vine Deloria Jr. And Daniel R. Wildcat address the difficulties faced by Native American students throughout their school years. This short novel gives a philosophical, practical, and visionary account of Native experiences through shared letters. These letters were written by educators, students, and community leaders.
If you would like an insightful read, be sure to pick up our Book of the Month, "Power and Peace: Indian Education in America"!

May 2017

The Asian American Movement - bookThe Asian American Movement
By William Wei

Largely unexamined until recently, the Asian American Movement has been active for more than two decades. William Wei traces to the late 1960s the initial genesis of an Asian American identity, culture, and activism through which members of this pan-Asian group could assert their right to belong to and be respected as responsible members of this society. Although its antecedents were the civil rights and Black Power movements, the Asian American Movement actually resulted from the protests against the Vietnam War and the emergence of a generation of college-aged Chinese and Japanese Americans. In this definitive study of the Asian American Movement, Wei fills an important gap in our knowledge of ethnic social movements and the struggle to achieve American cultural democracy. His study concludes with an examination of Asian American involvement in electoral politics and the quest for political empowerment. Interviews with many of the key participants in the Movement and photographs of Asian American demonstrations and events enhance Wei's portrayal of the development and breadth of the Movement and the conflicts within it. Exploring regional differences; issues of ethnicity, class, and gender; and the transition from radical to electoral politics, Wei's comprehensive study is the first book to examine systematically the coming-to-consciousness and mobilization of Asian Americans.

April 2017

 Confident Pluralism - bookConfident Pluralism by John D. Inazu

In Confident Pluralism, John D. Inazu analyzes the current state of the country, orients the contemporary United States within its broader history, and explores the ways that Americans can- and must- live together peaceably despite these deeply engrained difference. Pluralism is one of the founding creeds of the United States- yet America's society and legal system continues to face deep, unsolved structural problems in dealing with differing cultural anxieties, and minority viewpoints. Inazu not only argues that it is possible to cohabitate peacefully in this country, but also lays out realistic guidelines for our society and legal system to achieve the new American dream through civic practices that value toleration over protest, humility over defensiveness, and persuasion over coercion.

March 2017

Dated Emcess - bookDated Emcess by Chinaka Hodge

Chinaka Hodge came of age along with hip-hop and its influence on her suitors became inextricable from their personal interactions.  Form blends with content in Dated Emcees as she examines her love life through the lens of hip-hop's best known orators, characters, archetypes and songs, creating a new and inventive narrative about the music that shaped the craggy heart of a young woman poet, just as it also changed the global landscape of pop.