Merit Pages Highlight Student Achievements

Merit is an online platform available to all Lawrentians to showcase their accomplishments inside and outside the classroom. It uses online, print and social media to help students record and promote their academic and extracurricular achievements. It allows students to create a personalized online profile that can be used for internships, job searches and references after graduation.

How it works

Lawrence University publishes student accomplishments (such as honors received, athletic records set, studying abroad, leadership positions in LUCC or other campus organizations, etc.) to the Lawrence University Merit Page and to student’s personal Merit pages. Merit will then send Lawrence-generated news stories to student’s hometown newspapers.

As new achievements are awarded, in the form of badges, students who claim their pages are notified by email. They can choose to post those accomplishments to their personalized Merit page and even share accomplishments via personal social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can also choose not to.

Students who claim their Merit Pages can customize them with their own photos and additional information such as work experience or additional campus activities such as club memberships, etc.


Claiming your page

  • Go to and search for your name. Click on your name to view your profile.
  • Next to your name, find the “is this you?” button to claim your profile
  • Enter your Lawrence email address and submit the form. Merit will send you a confirmation email.
  • Follow the prompts and decide if you want to connect with Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Let you friends and family know about your page. When they visit your page, they can choose to follow you, allowing Merit to email them whenever you receive recognition for a new achievement.

Not interested?

Lawrence respects student’s privacy. Opting out of Merit can be done at any time. It removes a student’s page from and also prevents Lawrence University, from publishing achievements about that student in the future. To opt out, students simply reply to the email from Merit and ask to be removed. Or email your request to

example of merit page