Class of 2019

The following chart outlines first destination outcomes for the six months following June 2019. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the Class of 2019 are either employed or furthering their education. The majority of the Class of 2019 (73%) are employed, with another 22% enrolled in a program of continuing education (21%) or applying to graduate school (1%). Of the graduate outcomes that are employed, 55% are employed full-time; 5% are employed part-time; 5% are in an internship; 4% are volunteering; 3% are freelancing; and 1% are in a fellowship. Thirteen graduates (4%) indicated that they were traveling. Two graduates (1%) indicated that they were still seeking employment and one graduate indicated they were not seeking employment. The information is as of a point in time, therefore, it is important to recognize that some alumni may have changed positions and/or enrolled in graduate/professional school since the survey date(s).


Class of 2019 – First Destination Outcomes
Total graduates: 350 Total outcomes: 301 Knowledge rate: 86%