LSB Newsletter Summer 2014

Last year we launched this periodic newsletter to share with alumni how Lawrence is helping students prepare for life after Lawrence and to highlight the opportunities to get involved in helping students prepare for their futures. In the past year we have not only continued our programs, but have also made significant strides in offering greater opportunities for the students and expanding the ways that alumni can engage with students.

The Lawrence Scholars in Business (LSB) program is our alumni-mentoring program that provides occasions for current students to learn from and network with alumni who have been successful in their fields. Each year the program hosts several on-campus events and off-campus trips to introduce students to a variety of fields.

In the 2013-14 academic year, we continued the program with a variety of on-campus seminars and building on prior years’ visits to Minneapolis and Chicago, we visited a variety of businesses in Milwaukee. Once again, we helped arrange summer internships for students. Our two LSB Scholars have been spending the summer in unique internships. You can read about the experiences Andrew Borresen ’15 is having at the NBA Retired Players Association and Ali Heiring ’16 is having with a commercial real estate business in Spain at

A considerable effort was spent this year expanding an interdisciplinary area on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). With the I&E program, Lawrence has established courses that cross multiple disciplines that are focused on helping students understand how to develop and implement high value ideas. In addition, we have established small group projects that give students experience creating everything from pop-up art galleries and start-up theaters to defining and developing their own innovative business concepts. The unique element of the I&E program is the focus on bringing together students from the Conservatory and all aspects of the College and giving them the instruction, insights and opportunities to understand and put in practice strategies to develop and implement new ideas and business concepts.

If you would like to support the students as they explore their future options, please reply to this email and include your area of interest. There are a variety of ways you can participate including joining us on-campus for an LSB or I&E seminar, hosting a student for an informational interview, or enabling our students to apply to any summer internship and/or full-time opportunities in your company. We appreciate the efforts of the many alumni who have helped our programs grow, however we are always looking to broaden the network of contacts and opportunities we provide to students.

The LSB and now I&E programs are clearly a big help to our students and are both enhanced by the engagement of our alumni. Please consider being part of these programs and helping shape a student’s future.

In advance, thank you for your interest in helping us prepare students for Life After Lawrence NOW!

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