Calendar/Picking a Date

When planning an event, here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind:

Day and Time

When first starting to plan an event for your group,  it is important to solidify a few different dates and times at one of your organization meetings that would work for the group as a whole for putting on a program or event. This way, if one or two of the days and times are already too busy with other events, the group doesn’t have to reconvene to come up with more dates that would work. Think about what usual academic obligations are happening during the different days and times and how that would affect attendance.

Checking the Calendar

No one wants to plan a great event up against a bunch of other events happening on campus! Take those possible days and times and check the LU Calendar for other events happening at the same time and determine what will work best for the type of program you are doing, as well as what audience you are looking to get.

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