Committee on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE)

The Committee on Community Service and Engagement is responsible for promoting community service through the Lawrence student body, and focuses on promoting volunteerism and connecting Lawrentians with projects and opportunities both on and off campus. The committee works together with LUCC, student service organizations or individuals, and off campus communities, and emphasizes the education and implementation of ethical volunteer service.

CCSE also oversees the Humanitarian Grant, a grant awarded to students or student-organizations focused on serving the on-campus community, the Appleton community, or the world at large. Complete the application here.

CCSE is also working with the volunteer center on Martin Luther King Day of Service during the 2020-21 academic year. This year the event will be reliant on student or faculty proposed and led activities. More information on 2020-21 MLK Day and the activity proposal application can be found here.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 6pm Via Zoom (please contact committee chair for the zoom link)

2020-21 Cabinet
Chair: Elan Carroll (
Treasurer: Emma Koppa
Secretary: Morgan Fisher
CCE Student Representative: Amellalli Herrera Alverez
LUCC Class Representatives: Louric Rankine, Marelis Alvarez, Yijie Xiang
Voting Members of the Committee: Derek Brickley

Contact: Teri Muller, Interim Director of Volunteer and Community Service Programs (

Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA)

The Committee on Diversity Affairs (CODA) is a sub-committee of LUCC which helps to represent all student identities, especially those that are under-represented, for decisions made in LUCC and the greater Lawrence governance process. CODA exists to support different diversity focused organizations on campus by promoting the groups’ events and interests while addressing issues of injustice as they arise, committee actively seeks the concerns of underrepresented groups on campus and challenges itself to solve those issues.

If you have an issue involving an underrepresented group on campus, please contact  
CODA collaborates with the Diversity and Intercultural Center and Diversity and Inclusion Office to develop solutions to help create a more inclusive campus. 

CODA plans various educational and social events for Lawrentians, foster community and collaborate with diversity organizations, and we address various concerns and issues that effect underrepresented groups at Lawrence as those concerns and issues arise. 

Meeting Times: Contact Committee Chairs

Contact Info:

2020-21 Members
Chairs: Awa Badiane, Malcolm Davis
Vice Chair: Jason Bernheimer
Treasurer: Emily Zuniga
Secretary: PaNhia Vang
Diversity Outreach Coordinator: Kathryn Williams
Public Relations Coordinator: Rachel Joo
PCDA Reps: PaNhia Vang and Sarah Navy
Staff Advisor: Dr. Brittany Bell (Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Diversity and Intercultural Center
LUCC Class Reps: Daniel Boyd, Sheldon Garmon, and Tucker Hall
Voting Members: Awa Badiane, Daniel Boyd, Emily Zuniga, Jason Bernheimer, Kathryn Williams, Malcolm Davis, PaNhia Vang, Rachel Joo, Sarah Navy, Sheldon Garmon, Tucker Hall
Non-voting member: Wynter Burns

Resource Center:
A digital resource center which provides a variety of materials related to diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Any questions regarding the Resource Center or if interested in adding material should be emailed to CODA. 

Residence Life Committee (Res Life)

As a residential campus, housing is an important part of student life at Lawrence, and that’s where the Residence Life Committee (Res Life) comes in! Made-up of students for students, Res Life is responsible for reviewing housing legislation for residence halls and small group houses, informing students of housing procedures, facilitating the student housing process in the Spring, and maintaining non-legislated housing policy. The Committee also regulates and runs Group Housing selection, in which groups are assigned to houses on campus. This committee assists and advises Residential Education and Housing administrators.

2019-2020 Residence Life Committee Members

Owen Davies - Chair -
Ben Hollenstein - Treasurer
O'ryan Brown
Diego Sanchez
Elina Nguyen
Matthew Gerg
Baron Lam
Sterling Clarke Elvin Ambrosius-Tolbert

Biju Rajbhandari

Administration Officials

Amy Uecke, Associate Dean of Students for Residential Education and Housing -
Assistant Director for Housing and Residential Living -
Bonny Sucherman, Assistant Director of Residential Education and Housing & Senior Residence Hall Director

Student Alliance against Sexual Harrassment and Assault (SAASHA)

The Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SAASHA) is an official LUCC standing committee committed to ending sexual violence and promoting safer sex in the Lawrence University community through advocacy and education. We aim to connect students with vital resources and implement programs to carry out our mission statement.
Meeting Times: Mondays at 8pm

Contact Info:

2020-21 Members
Chair:  Fannie Vazquez
Treasurer:  Sophia Driessen
Secretary:  Emily Harper
Special Events: Maggie McGlenn
Public Relations: Carla Plasencia
LUCC Class Reps:  Jessica Toncler, Emilia Ciotti Hernandez, Lucie Peltier
Voting Members:  Sophia Driessen, Emily Harper, Maggie McGlenn, Carla Plasencia

Student Welfare Committee

Student Welfare Committee is primarily concerned with sustainability, accessibility, Facility Services, dining services, transportation, and student wellness. Student Welfare deals with these student concerns through advocacy, legislation, and communication.

2019-20 Chair: Sterling Clarke Ambrosius

Contact Information on our page.

Dylan Patenaude, Vice Chair of Student Welfare Committee 2019-2020
Maddie Kiehl, Ad Hoc Director of Special Projects 2019-2020
Ezra Marker, Treasurer of Student Welfare Committee Fall Term 2019
Ben Carlick, Treasurer of Student Welfare Committee Winter and Spring Term 2020
Andrew Singari, General Secretary of Student Welfare Committee 2019-2020
Jakob Jochum-Fuchs, Public Relations Secretary of Student Welfare Committee 2019-2020
Rose Wasielewski, Associate Dean of Students and Dean of the Sophomore Class (Advisor)
Chris Card, Vice President for Student Life (Permanent Voting Member)