Student Alliance against Sexual Harrassment and Assault (SAASHA)

The Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SAASHA) is an official LUCC standing committee committed to ending sexual violence and promoting safer sex in the Lawrence University community through advocacy and education. We aim to connect students with vital resources and implement programs to carry out our mission statement.
Meeting Times: Mondays at 8pm

Contact Info:

2020-21 Members
Chair:  Fannie Vazquez
Treasurer:  Sophia Driessen
Secretary:  Emily Harper
Special Events: Maggie McGlenn
Public Relations: Carla Plasencia
LUCC Class Reps:  Jessica Toncler, Emilia Ciotti Hernandez, Lucie Peltier
Voting Members:  Sophia Driessen, Emily Harper, Maggie McGlenn, Carla Plasencia