Residence Life Committee (Res Life)

As a residential campus, housing is an important part of student life at Lawrence, and that’s where the Residence Life Committee (Res Life) comes in! Made-up of students for students, Res Life is responsible for reviewing housing legislation for residence halls and small group houses, informing students of housing procedures, facilitating the student housing process in the Spring, and maintaining non-legislated housing policy. The Committee also regulates and runs Group Housing selection, in which groups are assigned to houses on campus. This committee assists and advises Residential Education and Housing administrators.

2019-2020 Residence Life Committee Members

Owen Davies - Chair -
Ben Hollenstein - Treasurer
O'ryan Brown
Diego Sanchez
Elina Nguyen
Matthew Gerg
Baron Lam
Sterling Clarke Elvin Ambrosius-Tolbert

Biju Rajbhandari

Administration Officials

Amy Uecke, Associate Dean of Students for Residential Education and Housing -
Assistant Director for Housing and Residential Living -
Bonny Sucherman, Assistant Director of Residential Education and Housing & Senior Residence Hall Director