Committee on Community Service and Engagement (CCSE)

The Committee on Community Service and Engagement is responsible for promoting community service through the Lawrence student body, and focuses on promoting volunteerism and connecting Lawrentians with projects and opportunities both on and off campus. The committee works together with LUCC, student service organizations or individuals, and off campus communities, and emphasizes the education and implementation of ethical volunteer service.

CCSE also oversees the Humanitarian Grant, a grant awarded to students or student-organizations focused on serving the on-campus community, the Appleton community, or the world at large. Complete the application here.

CCSE is also working with the volunteer center on Martin Luther King Day of Service during the 2020-21 academic year. This year the event will be reliant on student or faculty proposed and led activities. More information on 2020-21 MLK Day and the activity proposal application can be found here.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 6pm Via Zoom (please contact committee chair for the zoom link)

2020-21 Cabinet
Chair: Elan Carroll (
Treasurer: Emma Koppa
Secretary: Morgan Fisher
CCE Student Representative: Amellalli Herrera Alverez
LUCC Class Representatives: Louric Rankine, Marelis Alvarez, Yijie Xiang
Voting Members of the Committee: Derek Brickley

Contact: Teri Muller, Interim Director of Volunteer and Community Service Programs (