LUCC President

Kelsi Bryant:

I am running for LUCC President because I believe in Lawrence University’s ability to be a better community. We deserve a leader that will continue to foster inclusivity, health, safety, sustainability, accessibility, school spirit, and togetherness within our community. We deserve a leader that understands that success in our community comes through transparency, listening to all members of our community, and being the biggest and most passionate advocate for our students. I will continue to make LUCC a safe space for students to rely on when they need support. I genuinely care for all past, present, and future Lawrentians, and I want Lawrence University to be a place we are proud to call home. There is still much work to be done to make our community a great place for everyone, and we deserve a leader that will give tirelessly. I am running for LUCC President because I want to continue to serve the LU community in every way possible.

Jessica Toncler:

Hi Everyone! My name is Jessica Toncler and I am a current Junior studying International Relations and Violin Performance. LUCC has been one of my biggest passions since my first few weeks at Lawrence. I have served as a Class Representative for 3 years and have sat on the Steering Committee, Student Welfare Committee, SAASHA, and the faculty Curriculum Committee. I want to be President because I genuinely care for this University and want to make it a better place. I aim to make campus a more sustainable, inclusive, and student-driven place where we can all feel comfortable, safe, heard, and accepted. I want to help bridge the divides between the Conservatory and the College and between the University and the Appleton community. My main goal is to get students active and involved. Lawrence is full of creative leaders with brilliant ideas that can change campus life for the better. Many students are not aware of the power that LUCC has; we operate off of a quarter of a million-dollar budget that is funded mainly by you, our students! Our governing body has the power to change the student handbook, campus life, and other administrative entities. I plan to create an LUCC suggestion box on Voyager, that is similar to the Conservatory’s DAC suggestion box. LUCC’s primary way to receive student input is through word of mouth and community concerns during General Council; this has proven to be ineffective. With this new platform, we can all quickly, efficiently, and anonymously (if chosen) voice our concerns that will be addressed directly by myself, the cabinet, and the 16 class representatives during meetings. Sustainability and inclusivity are important issues I plan to continue working on as well. During my time as a class rep LUCC has created gender neutral bathrooms and more gender neutral housing as well as helped eliminate waste by providing all students with reusable bags and silverware. I aim to create more inclusive spaces and reduce single use items around campus such as plastic containers and paper towels. Through my work over the past 3 years with LUCC, I have learned the procedures and operation, and feel comfortable running meetings. I have a close working relationship with several administrators and board members. As LUCC President I will have the ability to sit in on our Board of Trustees meetings. Through my current involvement with board members as the student rep on the Presidential Search Committee, I am confident advocating for all your concerns. We have the power to make our campus more sustainable, inclusive, and student-driven. Vote Jessica for LUCC President!

LUCC Vice President

Iyanuoluwa Osunmo:

I believe that Lawrence University should accept and include everyone regardless of background. Lawrence University should be a haven for students that fosters learning, excellence, and community. As LUCC Vice President, I would commit myself to ensuring that every Lawrentian's voice is heard and that our campus is moving forward. As Vice President, my top priorities would include making Lawrence more welcoming to all students and planning campus-wide events and opportunities. Together with Lawrentians, I want to render Lawrence a university that truly embodies the motto, "Light! More Light!"

Daniel Boyd:

I believe Lawrence University should be a place where every student has a voice and every student’s voice should be heard. As members of LUCC, it is our job to listen to the voices of the students and make decisions for the betterment of our student body. I believe LUCC should be comprised of people whose hearts are filled with a drive and desire to create a campus that welcomes any and everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, and anything else that defines someone. I was fortunate enough to be elected as one of the Sophomore class representatives last term and have enjoyed my time with Steering Committee and CODA. As a proud Black, bisexual man, I have a deep commitment to my BIPOC family as well my LGBTQIA+ family, and would be dedicated to representing the voices of these communities in the position of LUCC Vice President, just as I did serving as a Class Rep. Regardless of the results of this election, I will still fight to make sure Lawrence is a safe space that promotes community, acceptance, and growth. If you’ve made it to the end of this, thank you, and have a blessed day.

Meralis Alvarez-Morales:

My name is Meralis Alvarez, although most of you know me as Mera. I am originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico and I call both the Southside of Chicago and Puerto Rico home. I am a double major in Global Studies and Spanish, and Latin American Studies minor. For the past three years, I have contributed to creating a more equitable, diverse, and compassionate environment as a part of LUCC. I currently hold a Cabinet position as the Cabinets’ Special Project Coordinator, in which I support the LUCC Cabinet in completing projects, serving as a liaison between all branches of Student governance, and taking on ambitious projects on behalf of the cabinet to continue to provide more resources for students. Simply put I am an artist, activist, and scholar dedicated to ensuring that equitable, environmentally sustainable, diverse, and decolonized practices are not just dreamt of but possible and our “new normal” here at Lawrence. Should I have the opportunity to be elected as the LUCC Vice President I will continue to support Diversity Organizations, BIPOC and LGBTQIA students, and continue to build stronger bridges of communication among students, faculty, and administrators. As a former athlete, artist, scholar, and as an island girl living in a big city, I will do my very best to serve and support you in launching our community and campus into new heights. Should I unfortunately not be elected, no worries! I will continue my work with LUCC as a cabinet member, hopefully maintaining my current position. I send my love and all the good vibes to all of you!!!

- Your favorite Boricua Mera

Senior Class Representatives

Ghania Imran:

I’ve had a lot of previous experience in LUCC as a class rep and VP, I love being involved in student government and having positive contribution to the community I love so much. It would be awesome to do it one last time before I graduate ❤️

Samara Morris:

My name is Samara Morris, and I wish to represent the senior class in LUCC because I know that I can offer a substantial voice to our student body. I am extremely involved and have had multiple leadership positions throughout my time at Lawrence. This includes the president of Delta Gamma, VP communications of NAfME, music education representative of the Dean’s Advisory Council, member of Sigma Alpha Iota, Community Advisor, and active participation in multiple music ensembles. I have found that my campus involvement has significantly changed who I am as a person these past three years, further developing my passion for teaching, social change, and leadership skills. As a music education and clarinet performance major, I believe I would be a great advocate for both the conservatory student body and the college alike. I love collaborating with my peers and I strive to create permanent change that benefits all branches of campus, students, and faculty. I sincerely hope that you consider me for your senior class representative and that I can be an active and vital voice for our remaining time here at Lawrence University.

Timothy Moyer:

I am a sax player and music education major from Southern Maine, a founding member of the Mock Trial Team, and my favorite places at Lawrence are the Con couches and the Commons. I’m running to make sure Lawrentians are treated fairly by the University. Here are my priorities: 

FIX BON APP (Healthier options, customizable meal plans, no weekly swipe rations, and unlimited use of swipes for guests).

BRING BACK THE Y (Restore student memberships).

PROTECT FREE SPEECH (Prevent hate-speech policies from censoring underrepresented perspectives).

END THE PLEDGE (Return to normal at the beginning of Spring Term).

REFUND ACTIVITY FEES (Refund $300 LUCC is charging for activities that were cancelled during the Pandemic).

MAKE LUCC TRANSPARENT (Publish unedited videos of all meetings).