Complete this form with the Student Life Greek Advisor to authorize your membership in a Greek Organization at Lawrence University.


Hazing Policy:

Hazing in any form is not tolerated. Hazing is defined as an action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off chapter and/or campus premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. If you feel that you are being hazed at any point during your pledge/activation experience and beyond, contact the Campus Life Greek Advisor and/or the Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life immediately.


Deactivation Process:

If you wish to leave the organization at any time, you must do so in writing to both the chapter and the Campus Life Greek Advisor by writing a letter of reason for deactivation. This will ensure that you will be removed from all lists and chapter-related charges to your student account. If your chapter also has a Formal Group Meal Plan, once you leave the organization you will elect a new meal plan and your Bon Appétit Meal Plan and Culinary Cash will be prorated. By checking the box, you understand your obligation to Lawrence University should you choose to leave the chapter.


Group Living Occupancy:

If a chapter occupies a Group Living space, the chapter is strongly recommended to fill the space to capacity with chapter members at all times. By signing this form, you state your understanding that if the number of members living in the house falls below capacity, non-freshman or non-chapter group members may be required to move into the Group Living space in order to fill vacancies.


Group Living Meal Plan:

If a chapter occupies a Group Living space, members are required to take part in the chapter’s Group Meal Plan. By signing, you understand that members will automatically switch to their Group Meal Plan following the term in which affiliation occurs through the Campus Life Office, as well as incur any other fees associated with that particular chapter’s specific board/meal plan.


By typing your full name, you indicate that you agree to and understand the conditions outlined on this form as requirements for membership in Greek Life at Lawrence University.

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